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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week - Friday 16th June 2017

This week’s top five go to…

5. Yoko

Sent by Zoe via Twitter

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“New baby Yoko! She should be #catoftheweek because she's settled in beautifully, and made the place her own! She also loves cuddles and kisses.”

4. Pixie

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week 

“This is my Pixie. She's nearly two-years-old and was rescued from a house where there were over 80 other animals cooped up in a small space. She is a loving cat but feisty. We believe she has had to fight for her food before coming to us. She can also be quite nervous but loves nothing more than being with us.”

3. Mowgli

Sent by Mandy Robertson via email

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is our Blue Smoke Maine Coon, Mowgli. He lives on the Shetland Islands. He spends most of his time chirping at birds in the kitchen window, and eating copious amount of Dreamies.”

2. Smudge and Fudge

Sent by Arlene Hall via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“14-year-old sisters Smudge and Fudge. They had a very hard time accepting my new guide dog into our family, and they hid in the kitchen for a long time. With help of Feliway and a crate for the dog, they've come a long way. They're almost back to normal behaviour, playing chases and hide and seek with each other in front of the dog!”

This week’s ‘Cat of the Week’ goes to…

1. Bruce

Sent by Victoria Fargin via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

"This is Bruce. He is just over a year old. He has a cleft lip which I think makes him even cuter!”

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