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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week – Friday 19th May 2017

This week's top five go to...

5. Winnie

Sent by Victoria Jane Mahon via Facebook

Cat of the Week

"This is Winnie. She is my fur baby who acts like a real baby!! She has the nickname whining Winnie as she just talks at you all day. She wants constant attention and follows us EVERYWHERE! Shes a right little princess and we love her for it!”

4. Olive

Sent by Jolandi En Johandré Lombard via Facebook

cat of the week

"Our rescue baby all the way from South Africa, we adopted Olive from our local SPCA. Our little two-face!"

3. Tobie

Sent by Corinne Cox via Facebook

cat of the week

"Tobie has taken to his little human brother so well and definitely deserves to be cat of the week! Seven months into being a big brother and you can see how happy he is, especially with all the baby stuff!"

2. Delilah

Sent by Karen Anne Thomson via Facebook

cat of the week

"This is Delilah the 14 month old kitten and my 18 month old pup Audrey. Audrey has some health problems involving her heart (she's got a heart murmur and has had 2 heart attacks, she's not in any pain though) and Delilah alerts me if her heart starts beating weird, minutes before I can recognise it. She starts headbutting Audrey's chest and cries until its sorted its self out, she doesn't move from her side the whole time and it helps keep Audrey calm. They are the bestest of friends and sleep cuddled up every night. Its been so heart warming watching them grow up together and develop their sisterhood."


1. Andy

Sent by Michaela Lang via email

"This is Andy. Last year we were walking home at 3 am when we spotted this little guy walking around the car park eating discarded chicken bones. Naturally we call him over and he comes bounding towards us, already he's the most affectionate loveable little cat I've ever laid my eyes on. For the next twenty minutes me and my partner fell in love with this little guy before saying goodbye. Little did we know he fell in love too and walked 20 minutes with us to our home and as soon as we opened our door, without calling him he walks in like he owns the place already. We decided to post a few ads and look online for missing cats. We found the previous owners and tried contacting them several times to no avail. The poor guy was dumped and forgot about. Luckily he then found the most loving spoiling parents he could hope for."

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