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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week - Friday 21st July 2017

This week’s top five go to…

5. Max

Sent by @FYoungWriter via Twitter

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Max should be #YourCat of the week as he's a faithful, loving companion who loves to sit in the sun.”

4. Stuart Little

Sent by Claire Louise Harper via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“My wee scamp Stuart Little should be cat of the week! He was rescued by Cats Protection a few weeks ago from a car engine and had to have the tip of his tail amputated, and his body shaved as it was covered in oil. Check out how he's doing now, looking very pleased after his second vaccine last night!”

3. Molly

Sent by Eden-Rose McCarthy via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is Molly. Dad went out in 2009 to buy the Sunday paper and came back with a long-legged, yowling baby in a box! She's a sassy old thing now, and will show you exactly what she thinks of you (unless you have treats).”

2. Leo

Sent by Tracy Challis via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is Leo who showed up as a stray at our house at the beginning of June last year. We advertised him everywhere for four months. He spent nights in our greenhouse, and occasionally popped in the house during the day to grab a nap in peace. He had a wound to his leg, a poorly eye, and looked in a sorry state. After no one came forward and no trace of a microchip were found, we took him in at the beginning of October, even though we already had two cats. It took him months to trust us, and to stop stealing food from the bin. As you can see he has now made himself at home, a Cheshire Cat. He is also chipped and snipped now, and is the proud owner of two humans.”

This week’s ‘Cat of the Week’ goes to…

1. Frankie

Sent by Vicky Reid via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is Frankie. He's four in September, and has undergone so many surgical procedures I have lost count. As well as losing most of his teeth as a kitten, and his bladder blocking twice, he has had two major surgeries to repair a liver shunt at the RVC. This is him after his first liver operation. He wore his surgical t-shirt for months after as he loved it. I had to buy several more, bless him! Unfortunately he is not completely cured, and is on prescription food and medication for life. He has remained a cheeky little character throughout.”

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