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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week - Friday 28th April 2017

We had thousands of amazing entries for our new 'Cat of the Week' feature, but we had to narrow it down to just five! Here they are...

5. Zippy

Sent by Emma Jackson via Twitter.

Your Cat's Cat of the Week

“This is Zippy looking out the window, listening to cars driving by.”

4. Rufus

Sent by Stephanie Jenner via Facebook.

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“My boss Rufus, given to me as a kitten. He makes me smile after the sad loss of my only son in 2012.”

3. Selene

Sent by Claire Onody via Facebook.

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week 

“This is Selene, she's nearly two-years-old and loves to sunbathe. She has a wide range of chirrups, and wakes me up at 5am every day for her breakfast. She also loves to chase the red dot!”

2. Marie

Sent by Sarah Giles via email.

Your Cat's Cat of the Week

“Ellie my Tibetan Terrier, and Marie my nine-year-old cat are the best of friends, and totally inseparable.”

This week, our 'Cat of the Week' goes to...

1. Archie Cat

Sent by Sam Wynne via Facebook.

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is my 13-month-old boy Archie Cat. He was found at just under 24-hours old in someone's back garden. Sadly his brother and sister didn’t make it, and he was found underneath them. My mother who fosters cats and kittens hand fed him until he was old enough to be adopted by myself. When he was found he was 23 grams, and now he currently weighs 5kg! This is him with his teddy who has been with him since he was found, and still to this day he walks around with it in his mouth, and is always fast a sleep with ‘Ted’.”

If you would like your cat to be next week's 'Cat of the Week' simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a picture, and short sentence saying why you think they should be featured.