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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week - Friday 28th July 2017

This week’s top five go to…

5. Phoebe

Sent by Jodie Thomas via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is Phoebe pictured on the left at six weeks old, and pictured on the right at two years old. I found her at the side of the road in a bad state, and now she's as happy as she could be!”

4. Taz

Sent by Anne Mason via email

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Weaned by us, along with her brother after their mum's milk dried up at four weeks old, Taz blossomed into such a beauty, with thick fur just like a bear! She is very loving, and an amazing lap and guard cat. I always feel safe when she's with me, a real joy to care for.”

3. Spectre

Sent by Cathy Cook via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“He's not my cat but, this is my mother’s cat, Spectre. He's three years old and he is a therapy cat. Whenever my mother felt like fainting from stressful situations Spectre would run up to her and would attempt to keep her warm, or he would run until he found one of us kids and miaow at us until we followed him to our mother. This little innocent ball of fur is the most beautiful cat because he's caring, adorable, and funny. He also loves making my mother laugh by attacking me, or trying to play tag with us. We love him very much and are proud to have this little runt in our lives!”

2. Titch

Sent by Jillian Cameron via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Titch is 20 years old, and is asleep most of the time. I adopted her 17 years ago as a rescue cat. She had a hard first three years. She was found in a woman's hostel, presumably left behind by someone passing through. She'd had a continuous flow of kittens in that time. It was now her time to be pampered.”

This week’s ‘Cat of the Week’ goes to…

1. Benny

Sent by Beka Stevens via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“This is Benny, he came to us just over a year ago in a cardboard box. He was left behind when his owners moved house, someone found him and managed to get in contact with his owners, who said they ‘didn’t want it any more’ and to ‘drive it into the woods and leave it for all they cared’. So he came to us, he was very shy, and flinched whenever you went to stroke him. In the year with us he overcame so much, he learned to trust us, and eventually started to love cuddles. He loved to run around playing with toys, and even celebrated his first Christmas with us by opening his presents with his paws and tearing at the paper with his teeth. He was just a big cuddly teddy bear.

Sadly he went into kidney failure two weeks ago, after his bladder became blocked. The vet said that if he was strong enough he may be able to pull through, but his chances of survival were very small and he was in pain. So, we made the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye, and let him cross the rainbow bridge. I would like Benny to be cat of the week because even though he had been through a rough start in life he never gave up, he learned to trust again, and fought until the end.

- RIP Benny

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