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Your Cat’s Cat of the Week - Friday 7th July 2017

This week's top five go to...

5. Hugo

Sent by Helen Yeomans via Twitter

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Here is Hugo. He is special because there is no one else in the world I would get up for at 4.30am to feed… every… day! Plus he's so fluffy!”

4. Smook

Sent by Keiba S Clubb via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Smook should be Cat of the Week because she is so loyal and loving. She never lets me down, and raises my spirits when I am low. She looks after her little brother Wilson with determination, and is a truly beautiful soul. Cats and pets in general do not get the credit they deserve for all the love they bring into this world.”

3. Willow

Sent by Kirsty Brookes via Twitter

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Willow was a stray for two years. We rescued her on bonfire night 2016, not knowing she was pregnant, and she was the most amazing Mum.”

2. Minnie

Sent by Samantha Pennington via email

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“I rescued Minnie from the Cats Protection in October last year. I am not sure what sort of start to life she had, as she was scared of every noise, and wouldn't even come into the lounge when she fist arrived. She had been a house cat before she came to live with us and we have been working hard to build her confidence out in the garden. I am immensely proud of her this week as when I returned home from work she came into the garden over next doors fence. This is a real achievement after spending nine-months afraid of everything. I am so proud of my brave girl!

This week's 'Cat of the Week' goes to...

1. Rhubarb

Sent by Abigail Carter via Facebook

Your Cat’s Cat of the Week

“Rhubarb recently broke his pelvis, and after seven weeks of cage rest we found out he's healing well! This is him joining me on a walk that he's been missing whilst on cage rest. He follows us when we take the dogs for walk!”

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