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Cat-owner relationships: an investigation

Ever wondered how cat-owner relationships vary? Or how they compare with dog-owner relationships? Veterinary behaviourist Jon Bowen has been conducting a study on dog-owner relationships and is now moving on to cats - and needs your help! 

Over the last three years Jon has been doing research into dog-owner relationships in a range of situations, looking at lifestyle, illness etc. and seeing how it makes an impact on the relationship. He's been using the Monash Dog Owner Relationship Scale (MDORS), which was developed by Pauleen Bennett in Australia, and now he wants to use the same approach to investigate cat-owner relationships. 

If you own a cat, head on over to fill in Jon's survey here to help him conduct the investigation - it'll only take five minutes and we're hoping for some interesting results! 

Cat competition!

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This week we have three fantastic meowboxes up for grabs! 

meowbox is a monthly surprise goodie box for your cat, filled with yummy treats and fun toys. meowbox hand-pick each of the 5-7 items in your box for their quality and uniqueness.  As true cat-lovers, meowbox is actively involved with rescue groups and shelters to safely transport, rehome, and provide for cats in need. meowbox are self-confessed borderline crazy cat-owners, so they take pride and care with every step of what they do. To find out more, visit the meowbox website

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Cat health

Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Many cases of diarrhoea are mild and short-lived, only lasting for a few days, and will resolve on their own.

Does my cat drink too much?

Does my cat drink too much?

If you want to determine how much water your cat is drinking, allow her only one source of water, our expert explains.

Cats in the home

Why does my cat eat cut flowers?

Behaviourist Francesca Riccomini advises on how to stop your cat eating potentially toxic cut flowers.

Should I keep my cats and baby separate?

Cat and new baby

Worried about introducing your cat to your new baby? Vet Richard Allport gives his advice and top tips. 

Outdoor cats

Can we stop our cat hunting?

Want to stop your cat hunting wildlife? Follow these tips from behaviourist Francesca Riccomini.

My cat has been shot — help!

Sadly, a number of cats are injured by airgun attacks every year. We look at what you should do if the worst happens.

Kitten care

Introducing a kitten to an existing cat

Introducing a kitten to an existing cat can be difficult. Make sure you get it right first time.

Adopting the right rescue kitten for you

They may have had a rough start in life, so here’s some advice on making sure adopting a kitten goes smoothly.