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Beautiful blind kitty in need of rehoming

Cats Protection’s Bridgend Adoption Centre is looking for a loving forever home for a blind cat currently in its care.

The kitty in question, Zenga, was admitted to the centre as a stray along with her five-week-old kittens. Despite being very poorly when she arrived, she has rallied around and regained her strength, meaning she is now ready to be adopted. 


Cat competition!

Win a handmade cat collar and catnip toy from The Natural Pet Toy Company

This week we're giving five lucky winners the chance to win a fantastic handmade collar and catnip fish toy from The Natural Pet Toy Company

The fully adjustable cat collars have a safety catch and detachable bell, and are available in a variety of striking designs — choose for a boy or a girl!


Cat health

Is stress making my cat lose his fur?

Fur loss

Fur loss is most commonly caused by ‘over-grooming’, where the cat excessively licks and ingests the hair, says Nikki Gaut...

How herbs can help your cat

Cat herbs

Herbalism has been integral to the medical traditions of cultures in China and India. Vet Holly Mash discusses how herbs can help your cat...

Cats in the home

Cat scratching furniture advice

Does your cat scratch your furniture? Find out how to save your home furnishings, and keep your cat happy, here...

Should I play with my cat?

Play is important to cats, particularly those kept indoors. Here are some top tips and game ideas...

Outdoor cats

How can I stop cat intruders?

Lots of cat owners have problems with other people's cats. We find out how to deal with cat bullies and intruders.

Will my cat get too cold in the winter?

Cats in winter

Being exposed to very cold temperatures for long periods is as dangerous to cats as it is to humans. 

Kitten care

What do I need to buy for my kitten?

What do you need to buy before bringing your new kitten home? Here's your essential shopping list...

Why should I neuter my kitten?

Unless you are planning to breed from your pedigree cat, neutering is highly recommended for all kittens.

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