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Urgent help needed for Liverpool cats

The roof

Your help is desperately needed for a Liverpool cat charity who are in danger of having to close.

Liverpool Cat Welfare are a small, non-profit charity who rescue, neuter and rehome unwanted cats and kittens in the area, as well as feeding and neutering feral colonies and caring for poorly cats, all run by their dedicated volunteers.

WoodyBut their hard work is under threat as the roof of the charity's isolation unit needs replacing and developed leaks, which got more severe over time and has now reached the status of being condemned. You can see the damage in the above picture.

Spokesman Collette Basley says: "Replacing the roof is going to be extremely expensive and in excess of £10,000, this is due to the fact the roof contains asbestos, the removal and disposal of which can only be done by a licensed roofer and is imperative if we are to ensure the safety of the cats, volunteers and visitors alike and provide continuity of our charities prime objectives."

Liverpool Cat Welfare also have to rehome their 70 cats and kittens as possible before any work can be carried out. One such cat is four-year-old Woody, pictured, who has been in the care of Liverpool Cat Welfare for almost two years, a mystery to volunteers as they say he is a very affectionate and friendly boy.

If any of our readers would like to donate to the charity's plight, log on to their website at Liverpoolcatwelfare.com and use the Charity Checkout Donate Button, or check out their Facebook page.

Cat competition!

Win a grooming hamper for your cat!

Cats are fastidiously clean creatures, but sometimes they need a little help when it comes to grooming. To make your cat's life a little easier — and to keep him looking purrfect — we've got a fabulous grooming hamper up for grabs!

Containing Pet Head Knot Detangler, Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe cleaning wipes, Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe eye and ear wipes, Pets at Home No Rinse foam shampoo, Precious Pets Simply Scentless luxury conditioning cat shampoo, a Mikki comb and grooming glove and a soft Rosewood grooming brush, the hamper is packed full of grooming goodies for your cat!

The cat grooming hamper is worth over £60!

Win a grooming hamper for your cat!

If you receive the Your Cat newsletter, there will be a link on the email to update your details and a tick box option to enter the competition. Click here to register to the Your Cat newsletter if you don't already receive it. The closing date is 12pm on Thursday September 25, 2014. Good luck! This competition is for UK residents only.

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