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Streakers raise thousands for tigers

Streak for Tigers

Did you know a group of tigers is called a streak? These brave souls took it literally and have raised thousands of pounds for big cats in Asia.

Following the outrageous success of the Zoological Society of London’s (ZSL) first-ever streak in 2013, the cheeky challenge returned on Thursday August 14 to raise big cash for big cats.

Two hundred fearless fundraisers ran around the heart of ZSL London Zoo in the nude and raised an incredible £37,000 to help ZSL protect tigers through global conservation work.

Last year, money raised from the Streak is now directly funding ZSL’s Sumatran tiger projects in Indonesia, and has so far helped to fund special anti-poaching patrols and provided them with a speed boat so that they can reach more remote areas.

Cat competition!

Win a Nobby Avior pet carrier!

The sturdy plastic Nobby Avior pet carrier has a completely removable top, plus a front and back opening, as seen in the August 2014 issue of Your Cat magazine!

It can be secured with a car seat belt, has ventilation grilles to keep your cat cool, an integrated handle, and measures 57cm(L) x 39cm(W) x 40cm(H). It's even got a handy storage compartment at the top, plus a 'care hatch' for you to stroke your cat on the move without the risk of him escaping.

The carrier is easy to clean should your cat have an accident, and is suitable for even larger cats.

Buy it for £19.90 from Zooplus or tel. 01234 430366.

We have one Nobby Avior pet carrier up for grabs!

Win a Nobby Avior pet carrier!

If you receive the Your Cat newsletter, there will be a link on the email to update your details and a tick box option to enter the competition. Click here to register to the Your Cat newsletter if you don't already receive it. The closing date is 12pm on Thursday September 4, 2014. Good luck! This competition is for UK residents only.

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