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Pick the perfect pet for your home


Wood Green, The Animals Charity, has joined forces with Rightmove to help potential pet owners find the perfect pet for their lifestyle, in the hopes of combatting the increase in animals being rejected and returned to rehoming centres in the UK. 

According to the charity’s research released during this week’s National Unwanted Pet Week, 44 per cent of all pet owners say they DID NOT seek advice before choosing a pet, with 50 per cent of Brits subsequently completely unprepared for the realities and responsibilities of pet ownership.


Cat competition!

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Pet Munchies

This week we've teamed up with Pet Munchies to give 12 lucky winners the chance to win three packets of their new 100% Natural Gourmet Cat Treats - 1 x Gourmet Chicken Liver, 1 x Gourmet Beef Liver and 1 x Gourmet Fish Fillet. 


Cat health

Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Why does my cat have diarrhoea?

Many cases of diarrhoea are mild and short-lived, only lasting for a few days, and will resolve on their own.

Does my cat drink too much?

Does my cat drink too much?

If you want to determine how much water your cat is drinking, allow her only one source of water, our expert explains.

Cats in the home

How do I cat-proof my house?

Before your new cat arrives, you need to ensure that your home is as safe and secure as possible.

Should I get another cat?

Should I get another cat?

Do you think your cat is unsociable and doesn't want to spend time with you? Getting another cat may not help at all.

Outdoor cats

How can I make a cat hideaway?

A cat hideaway can provide a much-loved retreat for your cat. Graham Strong explains how to make your garden cat friendly.

What plants will my cat enjoy?

It's not just catnip that cats enjoy. Garden expert Graham Strong lists other plants that felines may enjoy.

Kitten care

My kitten has a suckling habit!

Does your kitten suckle on material? Behaviourist Francesca Riccomini explains this odd kitten habit.

Your essential kitten care plan

How to keep your kitten healthy at every stage of his development, including vaccine and neutering information.