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Living with a Siberian: Yohann & Fluffy

To coincide with our Purrfect Pedigree feature on the wonderful Siberian in our October issue (out now!), we chat to Yohann Dieul, who is owned by Siberian kitty Fluffy, a bundle of joy with expensive taste when it comes to treats! 

"I've always had dogs when I was growing up and never knew much about cats. However, I have been going to Cyprus for many years now on holiday and started to understand cats better. A couple of years ago, I fell in love with a ball of fluff that appeared one morning on our front door; we looked after her for two weeks but unfortunately had to leave her there as we thought she would be more comfortable staying where she grew up rather than bringing her back to the UK with a very different climate.

"Back in the UK, I started to look around for a cat that would be suitable in the environment I live in. I started reading about different breeds and came across the Siberian breed. It just seemed to be the perfect breed for me - being very gentle, not too much maintenance (apart from the regular brushing!) and of course being so beautiful.

"I looked at some breeders online and found Fluffy in Essex, where she was born from gorgeous parents. I went to visit her and fell in love with her immediately. She was very timid but I knew she would be my little companion for a very long time and decided to give her a good home as well as much love.

"I let her feel at home and wander about so she could get accustomed to the surroundings. As she was so tiny, I was scared to lose her in my own house - which I did on the first day and it took me half an hour before finding her in a drawer under my bed!

"During her kitten stage, apart from a few little scratches on my leather sofa, there was no mischief of any kind. She learnt to use her scratch pole, litter-trained from the start with no accidents and she didn't even climb on the curtains! She basically learnt straight away what was right and what was wrong. 

"Fluffy is an indoor cat and of course she does not get the same kind of exercise of outdoor cats but I have taught her to go up and down the stairs and she even learnt how to retrieve a ribbon at the bottom of the staircase and bring it back to me! I thought she was turning into a dog! 

"With Fluffy around there is no alarm clock needed - in fact you will always be early for work when she starts miaowing and climbing on your head at five am! You just can't tell her off though, when you see her little face and round eyes...

"She is two years old next month and she is just a bundle of joy. I can't wait to get home in the evening to see her - she normally waits for me on the window ledge and when she sees me, you can see her miaowing.

"Her favourite treat when she's been a good girl is a king prawn - she just loves them, and knows exactly where they are. As soon as I open the fridge door, she jumps from wherever she is and comes to the fridge, miaowing until she gets the prawn. She definitely has expensive taste - Felix treats are not as popular!

"I don't regret for one moment choosing the Siberian breed and I just love my little girl, she is my little ray of sunshine on a daily basis. Good days and bad days; she is always there for me.

In all honesty, Siberian cats are just amazing and I would recommend the breed to anyone!"

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