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Feline hero film released in cinema

House of Magic

If you haven't already had your fix of feline films, a brand-mew 3D film out today is right up for street!

The House of Magic, from renowned 3D filmmakers Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson, hits the cinemas in the UK today, voiced by celebrities including Emily Blunt, William Shatner and American Pie's Eugene Levy, and tells the story of Thunder, an abandoned young cat who stumbles into a strange house while seeking shelter from a storm.

What he doesn't realise is that the house is owned by an old magician and inhabited by a dazzling array of automatons and gizmos.

Not everyone welcomes the new addition to the troupe as Jack Rabbit and Maggie Mouse plot to evict Thunder. The situation gets worse when the magician lands in hospital and his scheming nephew sees his chance to cash in by selling the mansion.

Our young hero is determined to earn his place and so he enlists the help of some wacky magician’s assistants to protect his magical new home - but will he succeed? You'll have to head to your local cinema to find out!

Photo: courtesy of nWave Pictures Distribution

Cat competition!

Win a Catit SmartSift litter tray!

Catit Design SmartSift™ is a litter tray and sifting system that takes the chore out of litter maintenance. It features a seamless and noiseless manual pull and refresh process that is easy and fast!

Every time you pullthe lever, clean litter falls through a sifter, while clumps and solids drop to the waste bin below. Simply push the lever back to recycle the clean litter back into the pan. Then all you need to do is clean out the waste bin on a regular basis.

The SmartSift is priced at £79.99, comes with a starter pack of waste bin liners and it is suitable for use with all types of clumping cat litter.

To see the SmartSift in action, or to find your nearest stockist, visit the Catit SmartSift website.

We have one SmartSift up for grabs!


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