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Tick awareness events taking place to warn 'No Bite is Right'

 cat in grass

Bayer Animal Health will be running a series of educational events throughout the month of May, to educate pet owners about the importance of tick prevention, as part of a new national campaign. The aim will be to advises pet owners of the risks associated with tick bites to their pets, themselves and their families.

The aptly-titled ‘No Bite Is Right‘ campaign is encouraging pet owners to speak to their vets about preventative treatment which helps protect their pet against fleas and ticks without requiring the parasites to bite in order to be killed. A series of ‘Tick-nic‘ events at locations near known tick hotspots in Scotland and the South West will be running, including Glasgow, Kilmarnock, Exeter and Southampton.

The events will be attended by dog owner and familiar face Brendan Lynch, finalist from The Great British Bake-off, who is keen to encourage local owners to learn more about the risks ticks and other parasites pose to pets.

Independent veterinary surgeon David Grant, who has previously appeared on TV show ‘Animal Hospital‘, will also be on hand at the events to explain more about effective tick management and speak to pet owners about the preventative treatments available to ensure happy, healthy pets. Local vet practices will also be invited to take part.


Cat competition!

Win Luxury Gourmet® Mon Petit!

GOURMET®, the nation’s favourite luxury wet cat food*, has launched two new multipacks in its perfectly portioned MON PETIT range. To celebrate the launch, and the fact that it’s National Pet Month throughout April, we’re offering two lucky readers the chance to win a selection of GOURMET Mon Petit pouches.

Adding to the existing three mulitpacks, the new Mon Petit flavours include Fish and Meat recipes all served in 50g pouches, ensuring a variety of freshly served meals with no leftovers.

Passionately crafted by GOURMET Mon Petit, the new recipes will provide cats with an eating pleasure they’re bound to love.

Available from national retailers (RRP £1.99** for six 50g pouches).

Find out more here by visiting the Gourmet Cat website.  


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