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Mitcham welcomes Cats Protection 'pop up' centre

The Mitcham community flocked to the grand opening of Cats Protection’s first ‘pop-up’ homing centre last weekend.

Cats Protection’s Mitcham Homing Centre, located at Unit 3-4 on Boundary Business Court, officially opened its doors to the public on Saturday July 25. It was an historical moment for the UK’s leading cat welfare charity, as the centre is the first to be built under a unique ‘pop-up’ building model.


Cat competition!

Win a Raindrop Drinking Fountain worth £50!

This week we're giving away one fantastic Pioneer Raindrop Drinking Fountain, ideal for keeping your kitty hydrated over the summer months.

The Pioneer Raindrop Drinking Fountain is a unique raindrop-shaped fountain made from stainless steel, suitable for cats and small dogs.


Cat health

Why do black flecks appear on my cat's chin?

Cat chin flecks

The hair follicles on some cats' chins can produce excessive sebaceous material and keratin, says Vet Nikki Gaut...

How to give your cat a health check

Cat health check

Take the time to give your cat a thorough health check, both at home and at the vets, says Dr Bradley Viner...

Cats in the home

Will my cat be happy in a town?

Will my cat be happy in a town?

Are you moving to a town and you're worried that your cat won't adjust. Behaviourist Jon Bowen gives his advice.

How to stop a bully cat visiting your home

Behaviourist Francesca Riccomini offers some advice on deterring a bully cat from visiting your home.

Outdoor cats

How can I make a cat hideaway?

A cat hideaway can provide a much-loved retreat for your cat. Graham Strong explains how to make your garden cat friendly.

How do I cat-proof my garden?

There are several options for cat-proofing your garden to keep your cat in and other cats out.

Kitten care

Your essential kitten care plan

How to keep your kitten healthy at every stage of his development, including vaccine and neutering information.

VIDEO: A safe kitten home?

Watch our video to find out how you can prepare your home (and make it safe) for the arrival of your kitten.

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