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Could you be Longleat's Photographer of the Year?

Photo: Longleat Safari Park - Simon King.

To celebrate 50 years of Longleat Safari Park, the park are launching a major new photo exhibition, featuring unique shots of Longleat's animals by TV presenter and wildlife photographer, Simon King, who is renowned for his work on Big Cat Diaries, Planet Earth and new BBC series The Hunt!

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Vets give up time to work with animal shelters and charities

A survey has revealed that the majority of veterinary surgeons in the UK provide some of their time and veterinary expertise at a reduced rate, while more than 2 in 5 give their time to work unpaid with animal charities and shelters to treat thousands of abandoned, mistreated or injured animals each year.

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Cat health

Is stress making my cat lose his fur?

Fur loss

Fur loss is most commonly caused by ‘over-grooming’, where the cat excessively licks and ingests the hair, says Nikki Gaut...

How herbs can help your cat

Cat herbs

Herbalism has been integral to the medical traditions of cultures in China and India. Vet Holly Mash discusses how herbs can help your cat...

Cats in the home

Will they be happy indoors?

Considering keeping your cats indoors? Read behaviourist Francesca Riccomini's essential advice...

How to rid my house of the 'catty smell'?

Keeping the catty smell away

Worried that when people enter your house, they can smell you have a cat? Read our advice on getting rid of that 'catty' odour. 

Outdoor cats

How to introduce a cat flap

Is your cat reluctant to use a cat flap? Read behaviourist Francesca Riccomini's top training tips...

How can I stop cat intruders?

Lots of cat owners have problems with other people's cats. We find out how to deal with cat bullies and intruders.

Kitten care

How to socialise your kitten

How can we ensure our kittens become well balanced, sociable cats? Follow these invaluable tips.

Our kitten bullies our older cat!

Is your kitten too boisterous for your older cat? Read on for advice from behaviourist Francesca Riccomini.

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