Cat Watch Rescue Shelter

Amesbury, United Kingdom, SP4 7JA

Cat Watch’s Mission is to provide sensitive care for the unowned cats of the locality – abandoned, lost, and street cats. We cover a 30 mile radius from Amesbury in Wiltshire and south Hants

Cats are taken in, given appropriate veterinary attention, neutered if not already, vaccinated, chipped and suitable new homes found. From a few pens in the garden the organisation has come a long way in a short time. Charitable status was achieved, and a network of volunteer fosterers and helpers established. In collaboration with the Tisbury-based ‘International Cat Care’ (ICC) organisation Catwatch has achieved iCatCare friendly rehoming centre status, and Marnie has the ICC course in shelter management. 2 Pens have been built to recognised welfare standards with the goal of 4 more in the pipeline. Ongoing vision short-term is consolidation of the Catwatch organisation with longer-term goals of education, aiming to reduce the number of cats needing Catwatch care.

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31 Lynchets Road, Amesbury, United Kingdom, SP4 7JA