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Scotland becomes all-scanning nation

13 March 2019

Scotland has followed suit, after a few months ago Wales became the first all-scanning nation in the world.

Why your elderly cat may have a change in appetite

06 March 2019

The traditional belief that one human year equals seven cat years is not a very accurate measure of cat age. A twelve-year old cat is similar in age to a sixty-one-year old human and a fifteen-year-old cat equates with a seventy-three-year-old human.

Cat-loving couple found love at Cats Protection

11 February 2019

This Valentine's Day, meet the couple who got their purrfect happy ever after, when their mutual love for felines caused them to fall head-over-heels in love.

Cancer caused cat to have nose removed

31 January 2019

When Lottie Pogson noticed her cat had a lumpy nose, she had no idea that such an innocuous symptom could be life-threatening.

Cat helps young girl overcome cancer

31 January 2019

After being diagnosed with cancer, comfort came to young Evie in an unlikely, furry package…

Missing cat poster with a difference appears in London

30 January 2019

Commuters did a double-take after a massive missing cat poster with a difference appeared in Central London.