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Your Cat provides essential updates for elderly cats in care
Your Cat donates £250 to Shropshire Cat Rescue to help fund improvements to their ‘Moggies Retirement Village’.
Why middle-aged rescue cats have so much love
For new owners, choosing a feline friend to welcome into their homes will always be a big decision, especially when…
Learn how to stretch like a cat
The art of yoga helps keep us fresh, stretched and invigorated. The ‘cat’ pose (also known as Marjaryasana), is a simple…
Your Cat donates new carriers to Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home
Your Cat Good Causes has donated 20 brand-new cat carriers to The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home to give the cats in their…
Play can benefit your cat's physical and mental health
As part of International Cat Day 2023, owners are being encouraged to play with their cats for five minutes a day.
How to quickly find your lost cat or kitten
When your cat goes missing, it can be a very stressful time. Not only are you distressed that you cannot find your cat…