Types of Cats

Not sure on the types of cats available? Our complete list of cat breeds will help you decide on a pedigree cat. Certain traits are associated with specific pedigrees and types of cats. For example, you’re sure to get a cat with a long, fluffy coat if you opt for a breed such as a Maine Coon or Ragdoll, and extroverted personalities are associated with types of cats such as the Bengal, Siamese, and Oriental.

A moggy, also known as a ‘moggie’, is a type of cat of unknown or mixed origins. They are one of the most common types of domesticated cats and are seen in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and markings. Their ancestry can be somewhat of a mystery and, if you get one as a kitten, it can be more difficult to predict how this type of cat is going to turn out as adults. But many people say that’s part of the fun, and they will love them regardless!

Moggies are often acquired from rescue centres, whereas pedigrees are usually purchased from breeders for hundreds of pounds. Although, many breed clubs also occasionally have adult pedigrees available through its rehoming schemes.

With so many types of cats out there, there is bound to be one to suit your home and lifestyle — you’ve just got to do your research as bringing a cat into your life is a huge commitment. Whatever type of cat you choose, they are a big responsibility, but certain of breeds of cats can be easier to live with than others. It's important to do your research and not go just on colours and looks alone - the Bengal, for example, is a beautiful type of cat but maybe more challenging than, say, a Ragdoll. A Siamese is a very vocal cat - a lot of fun but loves mischief! It will depend on the character of cat you're looking for, and our list of cat breeds is here to help. 

Abyssinian Cat breed information
Abyssinian cat - complete breed information and advice. Abyssinians love an audience and are more than happy to take…
Asian Cat breed information
The Asian cat breed group has something for everyone - with five varieties to choose from!
Australian Mist Cat breed information
Australian Mist cat breed information and advice. The Australian Mist makes a truly stunning family pet.
Balinese Cat breed information
Balinese cat breed information and advice. Balinese cats are not the shy and retiring types, they are smart and into…
Bengal Cat breed information
Bengal cat breed information. A domestic cat in wild wrapping. The Bengal cat is one of a kind!
Birman Cat breed information
Birman cats breed information and advice. Birmans were made for cuddling.
British Shorthair Cat breed information
British Shorthair cat breed information. A cat with a fabulous temperament and a popular breed of cat.
Burmese Cat breed information
Burmese cat breed information and advice. The Burmese cat is like a little ray of sunshine with his sleek glossy coat…
Chartreux Cat breed information
Chartreux cat breed information. The Chartreux cat is a robust breed with French origins and a very long history.
Chinchilla Cat breed information
Chinchilla cats breed information, advice for Chinchilla cats.
Cornish Rex Cat breed information
Cornish Rex cat breed information and advice. Nothing compares to the mischievous and loving Cornish Rex cat.
Devon Rex Cat breed information
Devon Rex cat breed information and advice. Cheeky and charming, the Devon Rex loves to be part of the family. Could it…
Egyptian Mau Cat breed information
Egyptian Mau cat breed information and advice. A rare breed but delightful pet, meet the Egyptian Mau.
Exotic Shorthair Cat breed information
Exotic Shorthair cat breed information and advice. Exotic shorthair cats are happy, affectionate and a striking looking…
Korat Cat breed information
Korat cat breed information, advice about the Korat cat. Korats have an outgoing personality and handsome good looks.
LaPerm Cat breed information
LaPerm cat breed information and advice. LaPerm cats feel as good as they look but are surprisingly low maintenance.
Lykoi Cat Breed Information
There’s a new breed of cat — let us introduce the Lykoi.
Maine Coon cat breed information
With their sweet temperament, bushy tails and longhaired shaggy coats, Maine Coon cats are one of the most recognisable…
Manx Cat
Originating from the Isle of Man, the Manx breed of cat is famous for it's shorted tail, a naturally occuring mutation.
Nebelung Cat breed information
Nebelung cat breed information and advice. Nebelung cats are stunning, semi-longhaired cat breed with an unusual silky…
Norwegian Forest Cat breed information
Norwegian Forest cat breed information and advice. Norwegian Forests are a delight to have around too.
Ocicat Cat breed information
Ocicat cat breed information and advice. Ocicats are a domestic breed that have been selectively bred to have the exotic…
Old Fashioned Siamese Cat breed information
Old Fashioned Siamese cat breed information and advice. The Old Fashioned Siamese is a much softer shape than the modern…
Oriental Cat breed information
Orientals cat breed information and advice. Orientals are very much people cats and will definitely keep owners on their…
Oriental Longhair Cat breed information
Oriental Longhair cat breed and advice. Oriental longhair cats have silky, flowing coats with a long plume of a tail.
Persian Cat breed information
The Persian cat is the ultimate glamour puss and one of the most popular pedigree cat breeds in the UK.
RagaMuffin Cat breed information
RagaMuffin cat breed information and advice. Ragamuffins are incredibly docile!
Ragdoll Cat breed information
Ragdolls are stunning to look at, and known for their wonderful temperaments. It is the second most popular breed…
Russian Blue Cat breed information
Russian Blue cat guide, character, history and description of Russian Blue cats. A handsome cat with brains to match,…
Selkirk Rex Cat breed information
Selkirk Rex cat breed information and advice. Selkirk Rex cats are cheery little cats with an easy-going temperament.
Siamese Cat breed information
Siamese cat breed information and advice. Siamese cats are mischievous, intelligent, loyal and loving!
Siberian Cat breed information
Siberian cat breed information and advice. Siberian cats are friendly gentleman with a winning personality!
Singapura Cat breed information
Singapura cat breed information and advice. Singapura cats have many personas packed into one petite frame!
Snowshoe Cat breed information
Snowshoe cat breed information and advice. Snowshoes are as different as pebbles on the beach - each kitten has his own…
Sokoke Cat breed information
Sokoke cat breed information and advice. Meet one of the rarest breeds of domestic cat in the world.
Somali Cat breed information
Somali cat breed information and advice. Somali cats are like miniature lions and bring a permanent smile in your life.
Sphynx Cat breed information
Sphynx cat breed information and advice. The Sphynx is a popular cat and unusual in looks.
Suffolk Chocolate Cat breed information
Suffolk Chocolate cat breed information and advice. These cats have already made their mark on cat lovers, thanks to…
Tonkinese Cat breed information
Tonkinese cat breed information and advice. Tonkinese cats have a well-documented love of being at a great height.
Toyger Cat breed information
Toyger cat breed information and advice. Ever wanted a miniature tiger in your home who will shower you with love and…
Turkish Van Cat breed information
Turkish Van Cat breed information and advice. Not only does the beautiful Turkish Van breed love humans, they love the…
Turkish Vankedisi cat breed information
The Turkish Vankedisi is basically an all-white Turkish Van, with distinctive markings on the head and tail.