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How to manage osteoarthritis in cats
Arthritis affects an incredibly high number of cats. Vet Penny Clarke explains all about the condition and how to manage…
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What do I need to know before letting my cat out for the first time?
The first time you let your precious cat go out on their own is a nerve-wracking moment, but there are things you can do…
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How can I encourage my cat and dog to get along?
What’s the best way to get a cat and dog living in harmony? Behaviourist Toni Shelbourne is on hand to help.
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What tools do I need to maintain my cat's fur?
We take a look at what tools owners need to maintain their cats’ fur.
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What is feline asthma?
It can be pretty alarming watching (or hearing) a cat cough. Their body contorts like a feline yoga master all while…
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How can I stop my cat climbing up trees?
Does your cat love to climb trees, but you're worried he'll get stuck? Here's our advice on how to discourage your cat…
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How can I encourage two cats to get along?
It can be stressful when your cats don't get along. Here's our advice on how to encourage two cats to get on...
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Why do cats have whiskers on the back of their legs?
Ever noticed that your cat doesn't just have whiskers on his face? The long hairs on the back of his legs are also…
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What can I do if my cat is being bullied?
If your cat is getting bullied by other felines in your neighbourhood, it can make life miserable for both of you. Toni…
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