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How do I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?

How many of you have stepped back to admire all your hard work after putting up your Christmas tree, only to find your cat wandering (in some cases charging!) over to explore ‘his’ new climbing frame!?

How do I keep Christmas as stress-free as possible for my cat?

From a cat’s perspective, Christmas is a chaotic time of noise and routine disruption, with often no place to escape the bedlam. Cats are creatures of habit, thrive on structure and routine, and extremely sensitive to change. Here are some of the challenges your cat might face…

How can I keep my cat safe at Christmas?

Battersea advises on how you can keep your cat safe over the festive period. Plus, take a look at our guide on keeping your cat safe, healthy, and happy during the Christmas celebrations...

Cat adoption - settling a rescue cat

Cat adoption is a great way to help rescue cats. How can you make sure your new cat is happy and settled in his new home?

What will happen if my cat drinks antifreeze?

The word ‘antifreeze’ strikes fear into the heart of any cat owner — but what are the symptoms of poisoning and how can you protect your pet? Fran Benson explains.

Is a real or artificial tree safer for my cat?

As much as we all love to have a real tree around at Christmas, they come with potential problems. Certain species of Christmas trees, especially pines, are toxic to cats. The toxicity is relatively mild, but the exposure can cause nausea, vomiting, and skin irritation.

What will happen if my cat eats tinsel?

The answer to the question will very much depend on the amount of the tinsel ingested as well as the length of the ingested strands. If a cat eats a tiny amount of tinsel, it is very likely that this piece will pass safely. However, we must remember that tinsel will not be…

Should I adopt a rescue or pedigree kitten?

You've made the decision to bring a kitten into your home but do you go to your local rescue centre or find a breeder? We examine the benefits of both.

Six things you need to know about catnip

Does your cat go wild for that little fabric mouse stuffed full of catnip? Here's why...