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Why does my cat have a split personality?

Cats are the same as us; they have definite personalities and preferences, explains behaviourist Jon Bowen.

Why is my cat scared of the vacuum cleaner?

Cats don't respond very well to the typical desensitisation method that we use with dogs, says Jon Bowen...

Why do black flecks appear on my cat's chin?

The hair follicles on some cats' chins can produce excessive sebaceous material and keratin, says Vet Nikki Gaut...

How to give your cat a health check

Take the time to give your cat a thorough health check, both at home and at the vets, says Dr Bradley Viner...

Is my cat a healthy size?

Worried your cat might not be a healthy size? Take a look at the Cat Size-O-Meter by the PFMA to find out if your cat is a healthy size.

Help! My cat only likes me when he's hungry!

Cats vary in their sociability and need for contact with people, explains behaviourist Jon Bowen.

Why does my cat toilet on the lawn?

Deterring your cat from using his preferred toilet could end up causing an even bigger problem.

Does my cat get lonely when I'm at work?

Below the age of two years, cats are generally more receptive to the arrival of another cat.

How do I introduce my new kittens to my cat?

It's a good idea to get on with introducing them quickly, as most adult cats will regard kittens as a minor irritation.