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Why does my cat keep sneezing?
Is your cat sneezing more often than usual? Find out why your cat's sneezes may have increased.
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Why do cats have rough tongues?
Have you ever wondered why it feels like sandpaper when your cat licks you? Find out more about why cats have rough…
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Do cats like to be kissed?
Do you ever give your cat a big kiss and wonder 'does he actually like it?' Find out more about whether you cat…
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How do I adopt a rescue cat?
Thinking about adopting a rescue cat? Our informative guide will help you find the right organisation and guide you…
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How can I prevent my cat from getting hairballs?
For some owners, feline furballs can be a big problem. Find out more about how you can stop your cat from getting…
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Why is my cat obsessed with carrier bags?
Does your cat have a tendency to chew on carrier bags? Here's why your cat is obsessed with licking and chewing plastic…
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Why does my cat suddenly run around and get the ‘crazies’?
Does your cat often have mad moments and run around the house crazily? Find out more about why your cat gets the…
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Why is my cat always hungry?
Is your cat always truly hungry or do you think your cat is always hungry?
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Why do cats sleep so much?
Have you ever wondered why cats sleep so often? Are you worried your cat is sleeping too much? Read our advice on why…
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