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Why does my cat sleep all the time?
Do cats normally sleep all day? Cat expert Celia Haddon explains...
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How do I choose cat insurance?
If the worst happens, having pet insurance to fall back on is vital. Here's some vital insurance advice.
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Using Play to Bond with Your Cat
Playing with your cat can be a fun and fulfilling time for both of you. Clare Hemington shows you how to make the most…
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Conjunctivitis in cats
Cats use their eyes for much more than just vision. Whether greeting you with a slow blink or psyching out the…
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Should I give my cat bottled water?
After losing a cat to renal failure, a reader wonders whether to give tap or bottled water to his cat. Your Cat expert…
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How do I train my cat to walk on a lead?
A reader asks one of our experts if they can train their cat to walk on a lead...
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Is there a cure for colitis?
One of our readers has tried a new probiotic for their cats who were diagnosed with colitis...
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My cat is petrified of the cat carrier!
A reader asks if she can make the cat carrier a less traumatic experience for her cat...
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Teenage kits!
They may not be playing loud music or staying out late with their mates, but cats go through an adolescent phase just as…
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