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Do I need a balcony fence?
You must fence in the balcony with netting or mesh since it is quite common for cats to fall off balconies or topple out…
Caring For Your Cat
The difference between play for indoor and outdoor cats
Can you tailor play to suit both indoor and outdoor cats? We take a further look...
Your Indoor Cat
Do cats see in colour or just in back and white?
Cats see in black and white but could see in colour if they wanted!
Understand Your Cat
Do foxes attack cats?
A reader is concerned that a roaming fox nearby could cause harm to both her outdoor cats. Celia Haddon answers...
Caring For Your Cat
Is my cat right-handed?
Ever wondered if your cat is left or right-handed? Find out more about whether cats have a preferred paw...
Understand Your Cat
How do I stop a cat fight?
Is stopping cats from fighting the right thing to do? A reader asks cat expert Celia Haddon...
Caring For Your Cat
Lymphoma in cats
Lymphoma is probably the most common of all feline cancers and affects cats of any age. It can be tricky for vets to…
Your Cat's Health
Why is my cat's fur changing colour?
Cat expert Celia Haddon explains why the colour of cat fur may appear to change over time...
Why does my cat draw blood when she chews?
A reader's cat draws blood when chewing - vet expert Aga offers her advice...
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