Cat Care and Advice

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How do I make homemade cat food?

A homemade diet for a cat is not as straight-forward as it would initially seem, as Dr Sue Dawson advises...

Should we get another cat?

Have you recently had a cat put to sleep and are worried your other cat will get lonely? Our expert shares her advice.

How do I stop my cat eating rodents?

When cats hunt they will usually take the live or dead prey back to somewhere they feel secure, like their home.

Have I accidentally poisoned my cat?

Are you worried that your cat's worming tablet may have caused problems? Vet Nikki Gaut shares her advice.

Help! My cat is spraying on everything!

Does your cat have a habit of spraying? Behaviourist Jon Bowen gives you 10 tips on how to resolve the problem.

Why does my cat toilet on my bed?

Does your cat go to the toilet in unwanted places, including your bed? Behaviourist Jon Bowen shares his advice.

Why won't my kitten stop meowing?

Some cats and kittens are more vocal than others, but there may be a reason as to why your kitten is constantly crying. Read on to find out why your kitten won't stop meowing.

Why does my cat have a split personality?

Cats are the same as us; they have definite personalities and preferences, explains behaviourist Jon Bowen.

Why is my cat scared of the vacuum cleaner?

Cats don't respond very well to the typical desensitisation method that we use with dogs, says Jon Bowen...