Caring For Your Cat

Expert cat advice and cat care tips
How do I choose the right breed of cat for my lifestyle?

Are you thinking about getting a cat? Each breed presents its own set of unique requirements, making it especially important that you choose the right cat for your household and lifestyle.

What is catnip?

Does your cat go wild for that little fabric mouse stuffed full of catnip? Ever wondered what catnip actually is and why cats love it? Find out more about catnip.

Want a career with cats?

If you'd like to pursue a career with cats, read our essential advice from pet columnist Celia Haddon.

Preparing your cat to move house

If you're about to move house with your cat, follow behaviourist Jon Bowen's advice.

Taking your cat on public transport

Ever thought about taking your cat on a bus or train with you? Read our key tips for a safe and successful journey.

How does my cat see the world?

As you might expect, cats' senses are superior to our own - let feline expert John Bradshaw explain...

Our cats hate us going away

If your cats react badly when you leave the house, follow veterinary behaviourist Jon Bowen's advice.

Preparing your cat for a new baby

Expecting a baby? Follow our behaviourist's advice about preparing your cat for a new arrival.

Is it compulsory to get my cat microchipped?

Are you thinking about whether you should get your cat microchipped or not? We take a look at everything involved in the process of having your cat microchipped, and whether it is compulsory to get your cat microchipped.