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    Inside the July issue of Your Cat you will find 'The ultimate kitten guide' with advice on welcoming your kitten into his new home. Plus, we take a look at one of the most popular breeds, the British Shorthair, we give you tips on keeping your indoor cat happy, and the crafters among you will love this month's competition — we give you the chance to win a cat-themed cross-stitch bundle from Heritage Crafts!
Are senior cats feeling the pressure?

It is recommended that cats over seven years old have their blood pressure checked annually.

Mayhew celebrates World Vet Day

London-based animal welfare charity, Mayhew, is celebrating and marking World Vet Day (28th April 2018) by highlighting the charity’s vet training programme.

LondonCats International Show is back!

The LondonCats International Show is in town on a mission to stage, reward and celebrate our purrfect companions. They will be taking over the Leatherhead Leisure Centre in Surrey, for the sixth show on May 12 and 13, 2018, where they will share the love with more than 200 cats…

Is it possible to love a cat again after losing one?

Getting a new cat can sometimes feel wrong after losing another. Is it possible to work through the grief and learn to love again?

Where should my pet's final resting place be?

Losing a much-loved pet is hard enough to cope with, without worrying about where their final resting place will be. Sue Corfield advises.

DIY scratch post

Looking for an afternoon project to make something for your cat? Grab your glue gun and give this cute scratch post a try!

Summer cat care tips

Keep your cat cool and safe throughout the summer months with Your Cat Magazine's top tips!

Making your garden as cat-friendly as possible

Want to make your garden as attractive as possible to keep your cat in? We have all the tips and tricks you need, as well as a how-to on building your own garden chalet for your cat.

Should I get another cat?

Do you think your cat is unsociable and doesn't want to spend time with you? Getting another cat may not help at all.