• Your Cat

    It doesn’t matter how much we know our cats, they always seem to find a way to amaze us. Whether that’s doing something we didn’t know they could do, bonding with us in a different way, or making us think in a more enlightened manner. There’s definitely a sense of that in this issue.
Can cats get asthma?

Did you know? Cats can suffer from asthma too. We speak to one cat owner about how to deal with feline asthma.

Kitty cupcakes

Combine a love for cats and baking to create these kitty cupcakes - for human consumption!

Cat-shaped biscuits

Get creative in the kitchen with these fun and tasty cat-shaped biscuits - for human consumption!

The Your Cat shopping guide to toys

Toys can provide hours of fun and important stimulation for our kitties — here we check out some brilliant toys on the market.

Five behaviour changes that you need to look out for in your cat

Cats are independent creatures and can be quite particular with how they interact and behave on a daily basis. But when there is a sudden change in your cat’s behaviour or habits, these changes should never be ignored.

Product review: ‘Pawsitivity’ box from Gus & Bella

In these uncertain and anxious times, I was over the moon to open my front door and find my latest Gus and Bella Box waiting on the door step. This month’s theme is pawsitivity, and I think everyone needs some of that right now!