• Your Cat

    The incredible ability of cats to change people’s lives is a theme for this issue. We’re celebrating that in this month’s lead feature, as we begin a series meeting cats who have taken owners’ lives in new and exciting directions. I don’t think you can ever over-estimate the ability of our feline friends to make life better. And examples of the life-changing relationships cats and humans share run throughout the whole magazine.
    On Sale: 14 February 2020
How can I care for my deaf cat?

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Why do cats like cardboard boxes?

How many of you can relate to this? There are lots of reasons why cats appear to love cardboard boxes.

How can I get my cat to sit on my lap?

Are you struggling to get your cat to sit on your lap? Here's our advice on how to encourage your cat to enjoy sitting with you on your lap.

Product review: ‘Take Meowt’ box from Gus & Bella

If you’re looking for the purrfect gift for your cat-loving Valentine, or you just want to treat yourself and your cat this February, then look no further than this lovely subscription box from Gus & Bella!

How can I prevent my cat from getting hairballs?

For some owners, feline furballs can be a big problem. Find out more about how you can stop your cat from getting hairballs...

How do I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?
How do I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?

Is your cat instantly attracted to your Christmas tree? Find out how to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree.