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    Inside the February issue, our new series ‘The great indoors’ will give you fresh eyes and help you look at your home from your cat’s point of view, plan your purrfect 2019 days out, and read our exclusive interview with the Supervet. Plus, inside the new exhibition celebrating cats in literature, we take a look at some of the cats who have inhabited the Earth's coldest places, and your chance to win over £1,250-worth of feline freebies!
    On Sale: 15 January 2019
Can I feed my cat a vegan diet?

Thinking about feeding your cat a vegetarian or vegan diet? Read our advice on why feeding your cat a meat-free diet could cause issues.

Why does my cat’s breath smell?

Why does my cat's breath smell? Ever been close to your cat and thought his breath smelt awful? Here's why your cat's breath might smell bad...

Is tuna safe for my cat?

Do you often give your cat tuna as a treat? Have you ever wondered if tuna could actually make your cat sick? Here's our advice on whether tuna is safe for cats.

Litter Robot review

Product review for the Cat Litter Robot - how much would you pay for a self-cleaning litter system?

Catit Senses range review

Catit Senses range offer both funky design and cat stimulation in a series of cat products that allows you to build your own pack!

Should I feed my cat wet or dry food?
Should I feed my cat wet or dry food?

Wondering whether you should feed your cat wet or dry food? We discuss the advantages of wet and dry food and which you should feed your cat.