• Your Cat

    Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback on our first pin badge last month. This month’s is a personal favourite from the collection, but it’s very difficult to pick the best one when every cat is a personal favourite! They’ll make a wonderful series for any cat lover (our Christmas subscription offer is on page 40). And on the subject of Christmas, we have plenty of festive stories in this issue, especially on how cats are amazing company to those who might be alone at this time of year.
Why does my cat wake me up in the night?

Does your cat have an annoying habit of waking you up in the night? By waking you up, your cat achieves specific goals...

Why isn’t my cat affectionate?

Do you feel like your cat doesn't love you as he isn't very affectionate towards you? As every cat is an individual, there might be many ways your cat is trying to display affection, albeit subtly. Make sure you’re not missing these signs that they love you...

Do cats snore?

Ever heard your cat snoring when they're in a deep sleep and wondered if it's normal? Find out more about why some cats snore.

Product review: ‘Santa Paws’ box from Gus & Bella

As soon as I opened up the ‘Santa Paws’ December Box from Gus & Bella, I knew that I, but mostly my cat Eponine, were in for a treat!

Why is it important to monitor your cat’s feeding?

Cats often hide signs of illness or stress, so one of the best ways to notice if your cat is out of sorts is if they alter their feeding habits.

How can I prevent my cat from getting hairballs?

For some owners, feline furballs can be a big problem. Find out more about how you can stop your cat from getting hairballs...