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    From feline record breakers to teaching your cat to fist bump, it’s another packed issue this month! A highlight for me is the Your Cat Short Story Competition — the winning stories, and drawings from our younger fans, are published on page 48. Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. It was a pleasure to read all of your stories and, with so many great tales, genuinely very difficult to pick the winners.
Cat School: Teach your cat to fist bump

Ever wondered if you can train your cat to give you a fist bump? Cat School’s Julie Posluns explains how to teach your cat one of the most popular tricks.

Can you teach an indoor cat to go outdoors?

Do you want to introduce your indoor cat to the outdoors? Here's how you can teach an indoor cat to go outside...

Do cats go grey as they get older?

Ever wondered if the colouring of your cats’ fur will change as they get older? Here’s our advice about whether cats go grey as they get older.

Product review: Scrumbles cat food

An impressively small kibble that surprisingly smells like fresh roast chicken, with no unpleasantries at all. The quality is evident and the cats didn’t waste any time eating every last bit of their meals in one sitting. That’s probably enough evidence on its own to say we’ll be…

The Your Cat shopping guide to cat food

Feeding your pet is a top priority for you — and your cat! We showcase some of the great cat foods on the market.

Are you still worming with tablets?

We all know that giving cats tablets can be a struggle, but we want to help protect them from any pesky parasites they might pick up!

Last Chance Animal Rescue

Permanently looking for loving homes for cats.

Plexidor Pet Doors

Clearly the best for quality, durability, and performance.


Pet screens for doors and windows. Keep your valuable pets indoors, and let in the fresh air!