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The best ways to help your cat cope with fireworks

While desensitising your cat to fireworks, there are many things owners can do to make fireworks less stressful for their cats.

Cat School: Teach your cat to high five

Cat School’s Julie Posluns explains how to teach your cat to high five.

Cat School: Teach your cat to go into their carrier

Cat School’s Julie Posluns explains how to teach your cat to sit calmly inside their carrier.

The Your Cat Christmas gift guide

Christmas is coming — so we’re giving you gift inspiration for the cats in your life!

Why your cat doesn’t fancy their new healthy cat food and 8 tips for feeding a ‘fussy’ cat!

Cats have a reputation of being fussy and, while this is a teeny bit true, it’s often more nuanced than that. Cats are connoisseurs of many things - beds, laps, toys, but most of all - food. So why don’t they seem interested in a more healthy, natural diet? And what can you do to…

Help your cat feel calmer during fireworks and other stressful situations

Beaphar take a look at how pheromone technology can help our cats feel comfortable and relaxed, especially during fireworks season.

Expressions Engravers Ltd

We have supplied quality engraved pet tags, including our own award-winning ranges, for over 30 years.

Door 2 Door Pet Supplies

Based in the Cotswolds we offer an exciting selection of products for your feline companion.

The Old-style Siamese Club

Originally, there were two types of Siamese cat appearing from Siam (Thailand) in the 1800s.