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    I think we’re more conscious of our pets than ever. Owners’ knowledge of how to care for their cats has exploded over recent decades. We know more about nutrition, diseases, feline behaviour, medicine, and products — just think of how the cat owner’s lexicon has grown to include things such as stimulation, preservatives, feline instincts, DNA testing, antioxidants, positive reinforcement, taurine, pheromones…the list goes on.
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High blood pressure in cats

Who knew? Cats can suffer from hypertension.

Product review: My Cat Grass Ready Grown Cat Grass Tray

If your cat loves to try and nibble things that they shouldn’t, then why not get them something that’s specifically meant for them? My Cat Grass Ready Grown Cat Grass is the perfect solution, and has many health benefits too, so everyone’s a winner!

Top reasons a cat makes the best sort of pet

Whether you are a long-time feline lover or are just considering adding a cat to your life, it is one of the best decisions you will ever make.


RagaMuffins are loving, sweet tempered and intelligent.

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