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    Inside the January issue we introduce you to our new series 'The science of cats', where Dr Lauren Finka will be keeping us up-to-date with the latest feline research, the winner of the Your Cat Product Awards 2018/19 are revealed, and we take a look at the dangers of the vegetarian pet trend. Plus, do you have room in your heart for a golden oldie? Your chance to win over £1,250-worth of goodies, and all UK copies of the January issue will receive a FREE Catit Creamy treat - purrfect!
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Author Nick Harding tells us how he went from felinophile to cat lover!

We speak to Nick Harding about the inspiration behind his book 'A Tale of Two Kitties', and when he first realised he'd gone from confirmed dog-lover to official Crazy Cat Man.

RSPCA releases tear-jerking Christmas advert

Forget John Lewis, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s, the RSPCA is throwing its hat into the ring with the story of a young boy growing up doing all he can to help animals in need.

Wales to become the first all-scanning nation in the world

A campaign by Cats Matter has received the positive outcome that councils in Wales have agreed to scan all pets found by its workers.

How do I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?

How many of you have stepped back to admire all your hard work after putting up your Christmas tree, only to find your cat wandering (in some cases charging!) over to explore ‘his’ new climbing frame!?

How do I keep Christmas as stress-free as possible for my cat?

From a cat’s perspective, Christmas is a chaotic time of noise and routine disruption, with often no place to escape the bedlam. Cats are creatures of habit, thrive on structure and routine, and extremely sensitive to change. Here are some of the challenges your cat might face…

How can I keep my cat safe at Christmas?

Battersea advises on how you can keep your cat safe over the festive period. Plus, take a look at our guide on keeping your cat safe, healthy, and happy during the Christmas celebrations...

Gifts for cat lovers

Gifts for cat lovers - what to get someone who likes cats? What do you get a cat lady for Christmas? give a unique gift that cat lovers will love!

Is a real or artificial tree safer for my cat?

As much as we all love to have a real tree around at Christmas, they come with potential problems. Certain species of Christmas trees, especially pines, are toxic to cats. The toxicity is relatively mild, but the exposure can cause nausea, vomiting, and skin irritation.

What will happen if my cat eats tinsel?

The answer to the question will very much depend on the amount of the tinsel ingested as well as the length of the ingested strands. If a cat eats a tiny amount of tinsel, it is very likely that this piece will pass safely. However, we must remember that tinsel will not be…