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    Thank you for all the lovely comments and feedback on our first pin badge last month. This month’s is a personal favourite from the collection, but it’s very difficult to pick the best one when every cat is a personal favourite! They’ll make a wonderful series for any cat lover (our Christmas subscription offer is on page 40). And on the subject of Christmas, we have plenty of festive stories in this issue, especially on how cats are amazing company to those who might be alone at this time of year.
Do cats snore?

Ever heard your cat snoring when they're in a deep sleep and wondered if it's normal? Find out more about why some cats snore.

Why does my cat attack me?

Does your cat randomly attack your ankles and hands? Or does your cat sometimes suddenly lash out when they’re happily sitting on your lap? Find out why here...

Why does my cat roll around on their back?

Does your cat stretch out and roll over onto their back? Does he really want you to tickle his tummy? Find out why cats do this...

Help raise money for dementia patients across the UK

In recognition of World Mental Health Day, Your Cat is asking for your support to help cat-loving dementia patients across the UK.

Protect your cat and your home from a flea infestation

No cat owner wants fleas on their beloved pet or in their home, which is why flea treatment is so important.

How to clean your cat’s litter tray

The majority of cat owners will have a litter tray for their cat's daily use, but how do we ensure it's kept clean? Here's our step-by-step tips on how to clean your cat's litter tray, and some handy products to have when cleaning it.