National Pet Month: Interact with your a way they like!

Week two of National Pet Month is all about pet behaviour. Here, we focus on behaviour your cat will show to you

National Pet Month: Why cats make special companions

As we celebrate National Pet Month, we share a story that highlights just how much cats bring to our lives…

Your Cat partners with National Pet Month

Next month (April 1 — May 1) is National Pet Month, the annual celebration we have with our animal companions — and Your Cat is getting involved! You can look forward to a month full of practical support, insightful stats, weekly live broadcasts, and fun competitions.

Win a brilliant bundle of quality cat food!

Good quality nutrition goes a long way to protecting the well-being of your feline companion — and that is what the Burns range of cat foods…

Why do cats need meat in their diet?

All cats are naturally carnivores. But, unlike dogs, which have been domesticated for so long that their physiology has changed from their wild wolf ancestors, cats are still obligate carnivores. This means they evolved to eat meat by necessity.

Why is my cat over grooming?

Over grooming is often a sign of a stressed cat. Here we explain why, and how to try to remove any key stressors from their environment...

The benefits of puzzle feeders for cats

Behaviourist Clare Hemington says: Hands up those of you who used to, or still do plonk your cat’s food in a bowl and leave it down for him to nibble on at leisure?