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Why do cats play?
Clare Hemington looks at different aspects of how cats develop and play behaviour.
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How can I help build my cat’s confidence?
If your cat is shy and nervous, behaviourist Kim Houston shares her advice on how to help build your cat's confidence.
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How do I get my cat used to his new name?
Have you adopted a cat but would like to change his name? We give our advice on whether there's anything in particular…
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When is a cat officially classed as a senior?
We look at elderly cats, and when does a cat officially become a senior cat.
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What is in vaccinations?
Have you ever wondered just what is in your cat's jabs, and what exactly your cat is being vaccinated against? Aga…
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Why is my cat biting out her fur?
Has your cat started overgrooming, and you're worried that they are biting and pulling at their fur? Here's our…
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Do all cats need grooming?
One reader wonders whether her cat needs help with her grooming. Anita Kelsey advises.
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Do indoor cats need claw clipping?
Ever wondered if you need to trim your indoor cat's claws? Our grooming expert shares her advice...
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How important is variety to cats?
Ever wondered whether your cat needs more variety in their life, or if they enjoy having a daily routine? Here's some…
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