Your Cat's Health

Our free expert cat health advice articles are here to help resolve some of the more common cat health issues.
Can cats get cancer?

Are you worried that your cat might have cancer? Read all about how cancer is diagnosed in cats, and how your cat can be treated for cancer.

Why does my cat’s breath smell?

Why does my cat's breath smell? Ever been close to your cat and thought his breath smelt awful? Here's why your cat's breath might smell bad...

Why does my cat dribble?

Have you noticed that your cat is starting to dribble? Find out why your cat is dribbling.

What will happen if my cat drinks antifreeze?

What will happen if my cat drinks antifreeze? Find out what the symptoms of poisoning are and how can you protect your cat from drinking antifreeze.

Is stress making my cat lose his fur?

Fur loss is most commonly caused by 'over-grooming', where the cat excessively licks the hair.

How herbs can help your cat

Herbalism has been integral to the medical traditions of cultures in China and India. Vet Holly Mash discusses how herbs can help your cat...

Have I accidentally poisoned my cat?

Are you worried that your cat's worming tablet may have caused problems? Vet Nikki Gaut shares her advice.

Why do black flecks appear on my cat's chin?

The hair follicles on some cats' chins can produce excessive sebaceous material and keratin, says Vet Nikki Gaut...

How to give your cat a health check

Take the time to give your cat a thorough health check, both at home and at the vets, says Dr Bradley Viner...