Your Older Cat

Looking after an older cat has many challenges. Our expert advice on older cat care is free and here to help.
Dementia in elderly cats

Dr Bradley Viner looks at dementia in cats and the signs that your elderly feline may be suffering.

Why does my elderly cat have flaky skin?

Any cats will get dandruff from time to time, and it can?develop for many reasons. Vet Elsie Robertson shares her advice.?

Grooming an elderly cat

Is your cat getting older and more delicate and you're worried you might hurt him when grooming??

Why is my elderly cat so noisy?

Some cats can become more vocal as they grow older. Vet Andrea Harvey explains why this might be...

Top tips for treating a scurfy coat

Many ageing cats can suffer from dandruff or a scurfy coat. Here's some advice on treating the problem...

Will joint supplements help my arthritic cat?

If you're looking to ease your cat's arthritis, the answer may lie in joint supplements, says our holistic vet.

His arthritis is making him miserable!

If your aged cat's behaviour has changed, he may struggling with arthritic pain, as our behaviourist explains.

Are there any natural remedies for arthritis?

Looking for a natural remedy for arthritis? Homeopathic vet Holly Mash offers some suggestions.

Why does my cat wake me in the night?

If your senior cat is waking you in the night, it may be down to cognitive?dysfunction syndrome (CDS).