Cat Friendly Gardens

Advice for indoor cats with garden access, or for owners wishing to enhance their garden for their cat's wellbeing.

How do I cat-proof my garden?

There are several options for cat-proofing your garden to keep your cat in and other cats out.

Making your garden as cat-friendly as possible

Want to make your garden as attractive as possible to keep your cat in? We have all the tips and tricks you need, as well as a how-to on building your own garden chalet for your cat.

How can I stop other cats visiting my garden?

Do you have lots of unwanted feline visitors and want to find out how to stop other cats visiting your garden? Read our advice on why cats roam and how to keep neighbouring cats away.

Create a cat-friendly garden

Want to create the perfect cat-friendly garden for your cat to enjoy? Here's how you can meet your cats' needs to create the perfect garden paradise.

Can I still care for wild birds if I have a cat?

Do you want to help care for wild birds but are worried your cat, or a neighbours cat might harm them? Here's our top tips for wildlife-loving cat owners who want to feed garden birds without risk from pets.

What plants will my cat enjoy?

Are you constantly reading lists of which plants are toxic to cats? Here's more information about which plants are safe for cats, and plants that your cat will enjoy.

How can I grow catnip at home?

Plants like catnip and cat mint should be the first choice for gardeners with cats - and you can grow catnip yourself at home!

Which lilies are toxic to cats?

Lilies are poisonous to cats, and can be very dangerous. Find out more about which lilies are toxic to cats.

Which plants are toxic to cats?

Millions of cats go into gardens safely with poisonous plants, but it's worth being aware of what's safe for your cats to eat, and which plants are toxic to cats.