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My cat will only drink milk - help!

Most cats love the taste of cat milk, but it's important to always offer them fresh water too.

Will my kitten be short or longhaired?

How can you tell whether your kitten will be long or short haired? Many young kittens look fluffy whether short or longhaired - it all depends on their genes...

Want a career with cats?

If you'd like to pursue a career with cats, read our essential advice from pet columnist Celia Haddon.

What is sudden feline death?

Unfortunately sudden death can occur in cats for a number of reasons, including cardiomyopathy.

My cat was killed on the road

Sudden traumatic loss can make the grieving process much more complex.

Is stress making my cat lose his fur?

Fur loss is most commonly caused by 'over-grooming', where the cat excessively licks the hair.

Piper smart home security camera review

We review the Piper smart home security system, to see how well it works at keeping an eye on our feline friends!?

Crochet cat hat

Keep cosy this winter with this cute crochet hat, courtesy of Posh Patterns.

Xmas cross-stitch

Whether you're a cross-stitch novice or pro, this is the perfect festive pattern for cat lovers.