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Are daffodils poisonous to cats?
As spring approaches, daffodils are starting to bloom in our gardens and add a bit of colour to our homes, but did you…
Cat Friendly Gardens
What is Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP)?
What is FIP and what causes it? International Cat Care describes the symptoms and diagnosis, as well as how to prevent…
Your Cat's Health
How to draw a cat
Are you a budding artist or a scribble master? Illustrator Alice Buzzel guides us through the basics of how to draw a…
Cat Craft
How do I introduce my kitten to water?
Would you like to give your kitten or cat a bath? Here's our advice on how to introduce them to water.
Your Kitten
Why are my cat's eyes tearing and red?
Have you recently noticed that your cat's eyes are unusually red and tearing? Here's our advice on why this could be,…
Your Cat's Health
How can I encourage my cat to play?
Do you struggle to get your cat to play with you or with interactive toys? Here's our advice on how to encourage your…
Understand Your Cat
Why does my cat bite his nails?
Does your cat have a habit of biting their nails? We take a look at why they do this, and whether it’s anything to worry…
Understand Your Cat
The best ways to help your cat cope with fireworks
While desensitising your cat to fireworks, there are many things owners can do to make fireworks less stressful for…
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Cat School: Teach your cat to high five
Cat School’s Julie Posluns explains how to teach your cat to high five.
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