Cat Care and Advice

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How to cope with the death of a cat

Are you struggling to cope with the death of a cat? Here's some heart-felt advice on how you can come to terms with the death of your cat.

How can I remember my cat?

Losing your cat is a terrible experience, but there are many ways to remember your cat. Here, we have advice about deciding on your cat's final resting place, pet cremations, and sentimental ways of remembering your cat.

Cat adoption - settling a rescue cat

Cat adoption is a great way to help rescue cats. How can you make sure your new cat is happy and settled in his new home?

What will happen if my cat drinks antifreeze?

What will happen if my cat drinks antifreeze? Find out what the symptoms of poisoning are and how can you protect your cat from drinking antifreeze.

Is a real or artificial tree safer for my cat?

Wondering whether an artificial tree or real tree is safer for your cat at Christmas? Read our advice on what type of tree is safer for your cat.

What will happen if my cat eats tinsel?

Tinsel can be dangerous for cats. Find out what could happen if your cat eats tinsel.

Should I adopt a rescue or pedigree kitten?

You've made the decision to bring a kitten into your home but do you go to your local rescue centre or find a breeder? We examine the benefits of both.

What is catnip?

Does your cat go wild for that little fabric mouse stuffed full of catnip? Ever wondered what catnip actually is and why cats love it? Find out more about catnip.

How to keep your cat safe at Halloween

Crazy decorations, fancy costumes, and bowls full of delicious sweets, for us, Halloween is often a day of fun with family and friends. However, while we may love the ghoulish decorations and costumes, all these new noises, shapes, and surprises can be difficult for our pets to…