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Lymphoma in cats
Lymphoma is probably the most common of all feline cancers and affects cats of any age. It can be tricky for vets to…
Your Cat's Health
Why is my cat's fur changing colour?
Cat expert Celia Haddon explains why the colour of cat fur may appear to change over time...
Why does my cat draw blood when she chews?
A reader's cat draws blood when chewing - vet expert Aga offers her advice...
Health Care
Which foods are toxic and dangerous to cats?
There are several foods and chemicals that are very dangerous to cats and must be kept out of their reach.
Your Cat's Diet
How can I encourage my cat to enjoy sitting on my lap?
While some cats crave affection and would do anything to sit on your lap, others can be timid and appear aloof. Most of…
Train Your Cat
Too early to neuter?
Is it safe to neuter cats at around nine weeks old? Celia Haddon advises...
Your Kitten
Coping with feline oralfacial pain syndrome
Aga Zoltowska explains a little more about feline oralfacial pain syndrome...
Health Care
How do I stop my cat from hunting birds?
If you are worried about your cat hunting birds when outside, expert Celia Haddon offers some tips and advice on ways to…
Caring For Your Cat
How long do I allow my cat to refuse food?
If your cat has been put on an exclusion diet, but is refusing their food - Aga Zoltowska may be able to help...