Train Your Cat

You can train cats to become more sociable, learnt their names and teach a cat to come when called. Litter training, cat flaps and administrating pills or spot-ons are essential cat training tips. 


How do cats learn? (part 1)

Understand your cat better and you could make his life a lot happier. Behaviourist Dr Sarah Ellis starts our training journey.

Get ready for action! (part 2)

Creating the ideal learning environment is vital for training success for all types of cats, as Sarah explains.

The training toolbox (part 3)

Sarah and Chirag explain the tools you'll need to teach your cat in the third part of our series on training your cat.

Train your cat to use a cat carrier (part 4)

Build positive associations with cat carriers for vet visits and trips. Train your cat to use a cat carrier.

Cat carrier training continued (part 5)

Sarah and Chirag explain how you can teach your cat to stay in a carrier for travel - and even enjoy it!

How to make a cat people friendly (part 6)

Many cats find meeting new people a challenge. Train your cat to relax when friends and family come to your home.

Learning to be good for the vet (part 7)

Teach your cat to be comfortable in a vet surgery and to be more relaxed when being examined by your vet.

How to groom your cat (part 8)

Step-by-step guide to help your cat relax and enjoy the feel of grooming.

Teach your cat to come when called

Teach your cat to come when called. Cat training made easy.