Cat Care and Advice

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Why is my cat always hungry?

Is your cat always truly hungry or do you think your cat is always hungry?

Why do cats sleep so much?

Have you ever wondered why cats sleep so often? Are you worried your cat is sleeping too much? Read our advice on why our cats sleep so much.

Why do cats climb trees?

Does your cat like to climb trees? Have you ever wondered why? Find out why cats climb trees.

How do I stop my cat from scratching the furniture?

Is your cat scratching your furniture? Find out how you can stop your cat from using your furniture as a scratch post.

How do I choose the right breed of cat for my lifestyle?

Are you thinking about getting a cat? Each breed presents its own set of unique requirements, making it especially important that you choose the right cat for your household and lifestyle.

How do I cat-proof my garden?

There are several options for cat-proofing your garden to keep your cat in and other cats out.

Can cats get cancer?

Are you worried that your cat might have cancer? Read all about how cancer is diagnosed in cats, and how your cat can be treated for cancer.

Does my cat love me?

Ever wondered if the love you have for your cat is reciprocated? Read our top tips on how to know if your cat loves you and how to ensure you and your cat have the perfect loving bond.

Can I feed my cat a vegan diet?

Thinking about feeding your cat a vegetarian or vegan diet? Read our advice on why feeding your cat a meat-free diet could cause issues.