Seasonal Advice

Seasonal advice

How do I keep my cat away from the Christmas tree?

Is your cat instantly attracted to your Christmas tree? Find out how to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree.

How do I keep Christmas as stress-free as possible for my cat?

From a cat’s perspective, Christmas is a chaotic time of noise and routine disruption, with often no place to escape the bedlam. Cats are creatures of habit, thrive on structure and routine, and extremely sensitive to change. Here are some of the challenges your cat might face…

How can I keep my cat safe at Christmas?

Battersea advises on how you can keep your cat safe over the festive period. Plus, take a look at our guide on keeping your cat safe, healthy, and happy during the Christmas celebrations...

Is a real or artificial tree safer for my cat?

Wondering whether an artificial tree or real tree is safer for your cat at Christmas? Read our advice on what type of tree is safer for your cat.

What will happen if my cat eats tinsel?

Tinsel can be dangerous for cats. Find out what could happen if your cat eats tinsel.

Summer cat care tips

Keep your cat cool and safe throughout the summer months with Your Cat Magazine's top tips!

Tips for coping with your feline friend's festive fears

Read our top tips for keeping your cat calm, happy and healthy over the Christmas period.

Will my cat get too cold in the winter?

Worried that your cat will get too cold in the winter weather? Read our advice on helping your cat cope in the cold.

Coping with cats and fireworks

Is your cat scared of fireworks? Read our essential tips on coping with the fireworks season.