Your Cat's Diet

Cat advice on feeding and nutrition.
Can I feed my cat a vegan diet?

Thinking about feeding your cat a vegetarian or vegan diet? Read our advice on why feeding your cat a meat-free diet could cause issues.

Is tuna safe for my cat?

Do you often give your cat tuna as a treat? Have you ever wondered if tuna could actually make your cat sick? Here's our advice on whether tuna is safe for cats.

My cat will only drink milk - help!

Most cats love the taste of cat milk, but it's important to always offer them fresh water too.

Should I feed my cat wet or dry food?

Wondering whether you should feed your cat wet or dry food? We discuss the advantages of wet and dry food and which you should feed your cat.

How do I make homemade cat food?

Wondering how you can make homemade food suitable for your cat? A homemade diet for a cat is not as straight-forward as it would initially seem.

Is my cat a healthy size?

Worried your cat might not be a healthy size? Take a look at the Cat Size-O-Meter by the PFMA to find out if your cat is a healthy size.

Does my cat have food allergies?

Is your cat showing signs of having a food allergy? Read our advice on how to know whether your cat has allergies to certain foods.

Why is my cat sick after she eats her food?

Is your cat being sick after eating food? If so, it could be a gastric-based issue. Find out why your cat is sick after she eats.

Why won't my cat eat wet food?

Is your cat refusing to eat wet food? Find out why some cats won't eat wet cat food, and whether they need to have wet food as part of their diet.