Is tuna safe for my cat?


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Do you often give your cat tuna as a treat? Have you ever wondered if tuna could actually make your cat sick? Here's our advice on whether tuna is safe for cats.

One of the reasons why we advise limiting the amount of fish being fed is an enzyme called thiaminase (present in fish). This enzyme destroys vitamin B1 (thiamine), which is one of the essential vitamins to the healthy functioning of metabolism and nerve tissue.

There is also a concern about the levels of vitamin A and D in oily fish or items such as cod liver oil. The enzyme (thiaminase) is destroyed by cooking. Therefore, I believe that we do not have to be concerned about it when feeding processed food.

Also, food companies have strict regulations in place to monitor the levels of vitamins. Therefore, one would hope that the issues of the vitamin levels are addressed.

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Usually, if you feed a complete food, mixing dry and wet components to offer a variety, the fish-based food should be fine (especially if the cat has a strong preference). It may be worth contacting the producers and asking them about it as well.

Advice provided by vet, Aga Zoltowska.