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DIY fishing rod toy

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Dementia in elderly cats

Dr Bradley Viner looks at dementia in cats and the signs that your elderly feline may be suffering.

Caring for your kitten's teeth

PDSA vet Vicki Larkham-Jones urges kitten owners to start a dental regime early.

Catnip ice cream

As the weather heats up, it's the perfect time to whip up this ice cream catnip toy!

Felt phone case

Create the cosiest home for your phone or tablet with the cutest case on the block!

Summer cat care tips

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Paw print gloves

Knit our paw print fingerless gloves and keep your hands snug throughout the colder months!

My cat will only drink milk - help!

Most cats love the taste of cat milk, but it's important to always offer them fresh water too.

Want a career with cats?

If you'd like to pursue a career with cats, read our essential advice from pet columnist Celia Haddon.