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Why does my cat put his bum in my face?
Does your cat put his rear end in your face? Find out why your cat puts his bum in your face.
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Why does my cat dribble?
Have you noticed that your cat is starting to dribble? Find out why your cat is dribbling.
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Why does my cat eat grass?
Does your cat go outside and end up eating the grass? Find out why your cat might like to eat grass.
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How much will a kitten cost?
PDSA vet Vicki Larkham-Jones shares the estimated costs of keeping a kitten.
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Kitten care
A guide to kitten care through the various stages of your kitten's life. How to care for kittens from 4 weeks old kitten…
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Will my kitten be short or longhaired?
How can you tell whether your kitten will be short or longhaired? Read more about how you can find out if your kitten…
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Introducing a kitten to a cat
Bringing a new kitten home can be a bit of a shock to the system for your cat. Make sure you introduce your kitten…
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How to socialise your kitten
How to ensure your kitten becomes a friendly, sociable kitten, by socialising your new kitten from the very first moment…
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Feeding a kitten
Are you wondering what is the best way to approach feeding your kitten? There's a lot to know, including how often to…
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