Do cats see in colour or just in back and white?


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Cats see in black and white but could see in colour if they wanted!

A: Many people used to think cats saw only in black and white and certainly they behave as if they only see two colours (like colour-blind humans). But the anatomy of their eyes shows that they can actually see all three colours, though very dimly. Professor Ron Ofri, co-author of ‘Slatter’s Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology,’ explains: “Behavioural studies have failed to demonstrate trichromatic vision in cats. However, quite a few studies demonstrate that cats have the anatomical basis for trichromatic vision. In other words, they have the potential for such vision, but don’t use it. It’s like having a 4X4 car but never engaging the 4-wheel drive and using only 2x4.” 

They have the ability but they do not use it! Another mysterious aspect of life in the cat’s world!

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