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Can a cat have an allergic reaction to a vaccination?
Reactions to vaccinations are extremely rare but can happen! Aga Zoltowska explains more...
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Do fleas prefer to live on certain areas of a cat?
Taiwanese scientists investigated this question by using their bare hands to catch more than three thousand fleas from…
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Is my cat getting enough sleep?
Sleep is an incredible regenerative force and cats are renowned for their ability to snooze. But what are the signs that…
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Should your cat share your bed?
A purring cat next to you on the bed can be so cosy but sharing your sleeping arrangements with your pet is not for…
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How to choose the right toys for your cat to play with
What should you look for when buying toys for your cat? Clare Hemington is on hand to help.
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How can I stop my cat's litter tray from smelling?
A reader asks for advice as to how to stop her indoor cat from having a smelly litter tray. Celia Haddon advises.
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Why does my cat toilet on my bed?
A reader worries about her cat urinating on the bed.
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Rhinitis in cats
Many different conditions of the upper respiratory tract (air passages connecting the nose to the throat) can leave cats…
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Why is my cat chasing her tail?
There are lots of reasons why cats chase their tails, depending on the age and health of the cat, and the environment,…
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