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How can I settle my cat into our new home?
Cat behaviour expert Kim Houston offers some tips on how to help your cat settle in to your new home after moving…
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How can I calm my kittens down?
Feline behaviour consultant Kim Houston offers some tips on how to enrich your kitten's environment to reduce pent-up…
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My cat needs to lose weight!
Aga Zoltowska advises the best way to help a reader's cat to lose weight...
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My cat hates being groomed!
Expert cat groomer Anita Kelsey offers her advice to a cat owner who's feline friend hates being groomed...
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The best way to play with a kitten
Clare Hemington explains how play forms a key part of kittenhood…
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10 things your vet would like you to know
How to get the most from your relationship with your vet…
Should I get a friend for my senior cat?
My cat, Mildred, is 10 and has always been my only cat, but I’d like to get another cat to keep her company. Should I…
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Why are lilies toxic to cats?
As the green-fingered among you know, most types of lilies begin to bloom in early summer. Their vibrant petals, elegant…
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What is a cat-bite abscess?
Spring is when most cats peel themselves away from their favourite radiator to spend more time outdoors.
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