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How often do I need to clean my cat's ears?
Grooming expert Anita Kelsey explains how often you should clean your cat's ears, and the best way to do it.
Caring For Your Cat
First Aid Videos for Pet Owners
Vet nurses create first aid videos for pet owners
Caring For Your Cat
Top tips to keep your cat comfortable in the summer
We all look forward to the hazy days of summer but at this time of year, we need to pay extra attention to our cats’…
Seasonal Advice
Unique mementos you can make from your cats fur.
Your cat’s discarded fur can be turned into a unique memento. Karen Bush provides the inspiration.
Seasonal Advice
Toys for solo play
Celia Haddon gives advice on ways to keep a cat occupied playing by himself.
Your Indoor Cat
Do cats enjoy trick training?
A reader wonders if her cat will enjoy being trained to do tricks. Your Cat expert Kim Houston advises.
Train Your Cat
Grooming a Persian
Persians need careful grooming, Anita Kelsey advises a reader on the best way to groom her Persian cat.
Caring For Your Cat