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Cat-shaped biscuits
Get creative in the kitchen with these fun and tasty cat-shaped biscuits - for human consumption!
Cat Craft
Cat flapjacks
'Great British Bake Off' winner Frances Quinn shares one of her many cat-themed creations
Cat Craft
Moggy macaroons
Macaroons are all the rage so this cat-shaped recipe is just purrfect! For human consumption only!
Cat Craft
How can I care for my cat during isolation?
Dr Lauren Finka shares her top tips for caring for your cat during isolation.
Caring For Your Cat
How to get through isolation with your cat
Staying at home is vital to helping to save lives during this pandemic. Here’s a guide to making the best of the…
Caring For Your Cat
Make your cat their very own fish supper
Cat’s love fish and will lap up this tasty poached treat with healthy veg...
Cat Craft
How do cats see in the dark?
Cats are well known for being able to see in the dark, but have you ever wondered how they find their way around in…
Understand Your Cat
Why do cats have such long whiskers?
Have you ever wondered why your cat has whiskers and why are they so long? Find out why cats have whiskers here...
Understand Your Cat
How can I care for my deaf cat?
Are you worried about how your deaf cat will cope? Read our advice on coping with deafness in cats.
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