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Make your cat their very own fish supper
Cat’s love fish and will lap up this tasty poached treat with healthy veg...
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How do cats see in the dark?
Cats are well known for being able to see in the dark, but have you ever wondered how they find their way around in…
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Why do cats have such long whiskers?
Have you ever wondered why your cat has whiskers and why are they so long? Find out why cats have whiskers here...
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How can I care for my deaf cat?
Are you worried about how your deaf cat will cope? Read our advice on coping with deafness in cats.
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Why do cats like cardboard boxes?
How many of you can relate to this? There are lots of reasons why cats appear to love cardboard boxes.
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How can I get my cat to sit on my lap?
Are you struggling to get your cat to sit on your lap? Here's our advice on how to encourage your cat to enjoy sitting…
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Why does my cat wake me up in the night?
Does your cat have an annoying habit of waking you up in the night? By waking you up, your cat achieves specific…
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Why isn’t my cat affectionate?
Do you feel like your cat doesn't love you as he isn't very affectionate towards you? As every cat is an individual,…
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Do cats snore?
Ever heard your cat snoring when they're in a deep sleep and wondered if it's normal? Find out more about why some cats…
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