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Why do cats have whiskers on the back of their legs?
Ever noticed that your cat doesn't just have whiskers on his face? The long hairs on the back of his legs are also…
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What can I do if my cat is being bullied?
If your cat is getting bullied by other felines in your neighbourhood, it can make life miserable for both of you. Toni…
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How can I get my cat to walk on a leash?
Thinking of walking your cat on a leash? We speak to the experts to find out everything you need to know.
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Am I allergic to my cat?
According to the charity Allergy UK, some 35 per cent of pet owners are actually allergic to the animals in their lives,…
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Why does my cat try to bite and scratch me?
Does your cat ever bite or scratch you when you’re stroking them? Toni Shelbourne is here to help.
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What happens to cats before they have surgery?
Is your cat due to have surgery but you're not sure of the protocol beforehand? Our expert vet tells us what we should…
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Will my senior cat cope with becoming an indoor cat?
Are you worried about your cat being outside as he gets older, but nervous about the prospect of making him an indoor…
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Why doesn’t my cat like having his tummy tickled?
Did your previous cat enjoy having their tummy tickled, but your new cat isn't having any of it? Our expert shares her…
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How can I stop my cat visiting other people's houses?
Discovering your beloved cat is eating snacks and enjoying fuss and sofa time at someone else’s house can cause more…
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