Cat Care and Advice

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Why should I neuter my kitten?

Why should I neuter my kitten? Neutering your kitten not only helps to reduce the number of unwanted kittens but can also help prevent illness.

When can my kitten go outside?

Wondering when your kitten can go outside? Remember, before letting your kitten outside for the first time, it's important to make sure he is prepared to go outside.

How to help your teething kitten

Just like human babies, kittens may feel the need to bite or chew when teething. Help to ease your teething kitten with our top teething tips.

Choosing toys for kittens

Looking for the perfect kitten toys? Read our top tips for fun and safe playtime.

Why won't my kitten stop meowing?

Some cats and kittens are more vocal than others, but there may be a reason as to why your kitten is constantly crying. Read on to find out why your kitten won't stop meowing.

How to treat your kitten for fleas

Fleas aren't just an itchy nuisance for cats, they can pose a serious threat to tiny kittens.

My kittens won't stop fighting

Are your kittens constantly fighting? Do they play-fight or fight for real? Find out why your kittens won't stop fighting, and how to prevent any behavioural problems occurring.

Stop your kitten becoming a bully

Kittens can often be quite boisterous and this may lead to them harassing and bullying your existing cat. Find out what you can do to help your cats live a more harmonious life.

My cat won't accept a new kitten

How can you get your cat to accept a new kitten? Is your cat unhappy about the arrival of a new kitten? Here's how you can get your cat to accept your new kitten.