Make sure your cat doesn’t get too hot this summer


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Catit share their advice on how to make sure your cat doesn’t get too hot this summer.

Drinking water

Place multiple water bowls around the house and garden to make sure that water is always within easy reach. Water fountains that provide a fresh flow of water 24/7 can encourage cats to drink. If you have a Catit Drinking Fountain you can add ice cubes to the reservoir to keep the water cool for longer.

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Give your cat space

Allow your cat chill out time and don’t overexcite them. An ice cube or two can make a great thing for your cat to play with.

Groom time

Give your cat a good brushing. A clean, tangle-free coat will help your cat keep cool.

Wet cloth

You can keep your cat cool by taking a damp cloth and stroking them with it. Most cats don’t mind a little moisture on their fur since one way in which they keep themselves cool is by grooming, which is nothing more than wetting their fur with saliva instead of water. However, if your cat doesn’t enjoy their coat being made wet, don’t force them.

Provide shade

Make sure there are lots of shaded spots (inside and out!) for your cat to relax in out of direct sunlight.

Sun cream

Like humans, cats can get sunburnt, and even skin cancer, from too much sun exposure, particularly lighter coloured cats. Using a specialist pet sun cream (only ever use a cat-specific product) can provide protection.

Peak sunlight hours

Keep your cat in the shade when the sun is at its strongest, between 11am — 3pm.

Don’t lock them in

Cats are sun worshippers but ensure they don’t accidentally get locked in sheds or greenhouses, or even hot rooms. Always check before locking anywhere up — this could help neighbouring cats too.

Cat ice pop

Catit Creamy is a healthy and hydrating lickable cat treat. You can pop a Creamy in the freezer to make a delicious, healthy cat ice pop — a welcome relief during hot summer days! And what’s more, your cat will be able to enjoy their Creamy for much longer!

Keep indoor cool too

Don’t forget to open the windows or use fans to get air circulating and make sure the house is a cool retreat. Window netting can be perfect for allowing you to open windows without letting cats escape!

Signs of heatstroke in cats:

  • Agitation
  • Panting and breathing distress
  • Extreme distress
  • Skin hot to the touch
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting and drooling

If your cat seems to be suffering with the heat, contact your vet immediately.