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Moggy macaroons
Macaroons are all the rage so this cat-shaped recipe is just purrfect! For human consumption only!
Cat Craft
Cat-shaped biscuits
Get creative in the kitchen with these fun and tasty cat-shaped biscuits - for human consumption!
Cat Craft
Make your own cat treats
Get busy in the kitchen with our collection of healthy and easy-to-follow homemade cat treat recipes.
Your Cat's Diet
Indoor cats are not an easy option
How can you make sure your indoor cat is as happy, healthy, and content as he deserves  to be?
Your Indoor Cat
How to choose a good cat breeder
You've chosen which pedigree cat breed you want, it is now time to make sure that you are purchasing your kitten from a…
Your Kitten
DIY scratch post
Looking for an afternoon project to make something for your cat? Grab your glue gun and give this cute scratch post a…
Cat Craft
DIY puzzle feeder
Keep your kitty on his paws and make him work for his food with this DIY puzzle feeder.
Your Indoor Cat
DIY fishing rod toy
Whip up our DIY fishing rod-style toy and keep your cat entertained indoors.
Cat Craft
Dementia in elderly cats
Dr Bradley Viner looks at dementia in cats and the signs that your elderly feline may be suffering.
Your Older Cat