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Why are lilies toxic to cats?
Did you know many species of lily are actually highly toxic to cats? Find out more here...
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What is a cat-bite abscess?
Spring is when most cats peel themselves away from their favourite radiator to spend more time outdoors.
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How do vets predict how old a cat is?
Have you ever wondered what signs a vet looks for when predicting the age of a cat? Our expert shares their advice...
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How to build cat fencing
Installing a cat fence in your garden can give your cat a safe outdoor space to enjoy. But how difficult is it to do?…
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Sun related skin cancer in cats
Whatever your skin type, adequate sun protection is the key to enjoying the summer safely. The same applies to…
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How can I make my home more exciting for my indoor cats?
Cat expert Celia Haddon offers some tips to a Your Cat reader on making their home a little more exciting for her indoor…
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How do I stop my cat scratching the furniture?
Is your cat scratching your furniture? Find out how you can stop your cat from using your furniture as a scratch post.
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How do I get my cat ready for showing?
A reader asks how she can get her Persian cat's coat looking its best in preparation for showing...
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How do I begin click training my cat?
A Your Cat reader asks for some tips on how to start clicker training her cat. Celia haddon advises...
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