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How do I get my cat ready for showing?
A reader asks how she can get her Persian cat's coat looking its best in preparation for showing...
Caring For Your Cat
How do I begin click training my cat?
A Your Cat reader asks for some tips on how to start clicker training her cat. Celia haddon advises...
Train Your Cat
Why adopt an older cat?
It may be largely considered that kittens and young cats are more fun to have around, but there is a lot of joy to be…
Cat Adoption
Helping an anxious cat to settle in
A Your Cat reader asks for tips on how to help build up her rescue cat's confidence...
Caring For Your Cat
Is it safe for my cat to stay out at night?
Celia Haddon offers her advice to a reader who's cat tends to stay out during the night...
Outdoor Cats
How often do I need to clean my cat's ears?
Grooming expert Anita Kelsey explains how often you should clean your cat's ears, and the best way to do it.
Caring For Your Cat
Top tips to keep your cat comfortable in the summer
We all look forward to the hazy days of summer but at this time of year, we need to pay extra attention to our cats’…
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