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Cat School: Teach your cat to fist bump
Ever wondered if you can train your cat to give you a fist bump? Cat School’s Julie Posluns explains how to teach your…
Train Your Cat
Can I teach my cat tricks?
Ever wondered if can teach your cat tricks? We meet the behaviourist who says it is possible and is good for your cat.
Train Your Cat
Can you teach an indoor cat to go outdoors?
Do you want to introduce your indoor cat to the outdoors? Here's how you can teach an indoor cat to go outside...
Your Indoor Cat
Do cats go grey as they get older?
Ever wondered if the colouring of your cats’ fur will change as they get older? Here’s our advice about whether cats go…
Your Older Cat
Can cats be allergic to dogs like humans can be?
Ever wondered whether your cat might be allergic to your dog? Here's our advice on whether cats can be allergic to dogs…
Your Cat's Health
Can cats eat raw chicken?
Have you ever thought about giving your cat a piece of raw chicken? Nutrition expert Clare Hemmings shares her advice on…
Your Cat's Diet
What is the difference between kitten food and adult food?
Here, we take a look at what the difference is between the ingredients in kitten food and adult cat food.
Your Cat's Diet
Can cats get asthma?
Did you know? Cats can suffer from asthma too. We speak to one cat owner about how to deal with feline asthma.
Your Cat's Health
Kitty cupcakes
Combine a love for cats and baking to create these kitty cupcakes - for human consumption!
Cat Craft