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Is a real or artificial tree safer for my cat?
Wondering whether an artificial tree or real tree is safer for your cat at Christmas? Read our advice on what type of…
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What will happen if my cat eats tinsel?
Tinsel can be dangerous for cats. Find out what could happen if your cat eats tinsel.
Seasonal Advice
Should I adopt a rescue or pedigree kitten?
You've made the decision to bring a kitten into your home but do you go to your local rescue centre or find a breeder?…
Cat Adoption
What is catnip?
Does your cat go wild for that little fabric mouse stuffed full of catnip? Ever wondered what catnip actually is and why…
Caring For Your Cat
How to keep your cat safe at Halloween
Crazy decorations, fancy costumes, and bowls full of delicious sweets, for us, Halloween is often a day of fun with…
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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?
Contrary to what some people think, cats can be extremely affectionate and many love being close to their human parents.…
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Why does my cat headbutt me?
Has your cat ever come up to you when you’re sat down after a long day in the office, moved closer to your face, and…
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Why does my cat knead me?
Kneading is a motion that cats make by alternating their claws in a rhythmic pattern, pushing against a soft object,…
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Cat colour therapy
De-stress and unwind with our free cat colour therapy template. Simply print and colour in...
Cat Craft