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My cat is washing himself bald!
If your cat over-grooms so much that he's going bald, follow vet Elise Robertson's advice.
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Our cats hate us going away
If your cats react badly when you leave the house, follow veterinary behaviourist Jon Bowen's advice.
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Why does my cat dislike men?
If your cat seems to have taken a dislike to men, follow these tips from behaviourist Francesca Riccomini.
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Why do my cats attack each other?
If your cats are showing signs of hostility towards each other, follow our advice to restore harmony in your home.
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My cat is aggressive towards visitors!
If your cat is aggressive towards visitors and strangers, there are plenty of things you can do to help...
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My cat scratches at the windows!
If your cat is scratching the silicone sealant from your windows, it may be down to boredom. Read more about why your…
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My cat won't use a scratch post!
If your cat chooses to scratch your furniture over a scratch post, it may be that the scratch post isn't fit for…
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Our cats fight all the time!
Do your cats fight all the time? Find out how to restore feline harmony and ease tensions in your home.
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My cats hate each other!
Concerned that your cats aren't getting on as well as you'd like? Follow this advice on introducing unrelated cats.
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