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Preparing your cat to move house
If you're about to move house with your cat, follow behaviourist Jon Bowen's advice.
Caring For Your Cat
My cat had a funny turn: what's wrong?
Has your cat ever experienced a sudden?moment of weakness but you couldn't tell what was wrong?
Your Cat's Health
Grooming an elderly cat
Is your cat getting older and more delicate and you're worried you might hurt him when grooming??
Your Older Cat
Why does my cat have a smelly bum?
Does your cat have a smelly bum? Ever wondered whether the smells your cat produces are normal? Our expert explains why…
Your Cat's Health
Taking your cat on public transport
Ever thought about taking your cat on a bus or train with you? Read our key tips for a safe and successful journey.
Caring For Your Cat
How does my cat see the world?
As you might expect, cats' senses are superior to our own - let feline expert John Bradshaw explain...
Caring For Your Cat
10 things your vet needs to know
Follow vet Dr Bradley Viner's essential advice to make your visit to the vet clinic quicker and easier.
Your Cat's Health
My cat hides from visitors!
Want to stop your cat hiding from visitors? Follow veterinary behaviourist Jon Bowen's top tips.
Understand Your Cat
My cat is washing himself bald!
If your cat over-grooms so much that he's going bald, follow vet Elise Robertson's advice.
Your Cat's Health