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Why is my cat sick after she eats her food?
Is your cat being sick after eating food? If so, it could be a gastric-based issue. Find out why your cat is sick after…
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Why does my cat carry her toys around?
Some female cats will keep collections of toys that they regularly move around as if shifting a litter of kittens.
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Why does my elderly cat have flaky skin?
Any cats will get dandruff from time to time, and it can?develop for many reasons. Vet Elsie Robertson shares her…
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Our dog is making our cat stressed!
Over grooming can be caused by any changes to a cats life, including the stress of a new unwanted canine friend...
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My cat is traumatizing my new cat!
With her cats at loggerheads, Wendy Hunter turned to behaviourist Peter Neville to help restore the peace.
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease in cats
Worried your cat is showing signs of IBD? Vet Dr Bradley Viner explains the ins and outs of the condition.
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How often should I play with my cat?
Even cats that aren't keen on being picked up or stroked will often remain playful with their owners.
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Why won't my cat spend time with me?
Do you ever get the feeling your cat doesn't want to spend time with you? Behaviourist Jon Bowen explains...
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Why is my cat refusing to eat?
Is your cat refusing to eat? Pet care specialist Libby Sheridan explains why cats can be put off their food.
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