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Does my cat have fleas?
Are you worried your cat might have fleas? Here's our advice on how to know if your cat does have fleas, where they can…
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Can cats sense pregnancy?
Have you been pregnant and thought that your cat knew it before you did? Find out more about whether our cats can sense…
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How can I track where my cat goes?
Whether you're worried about your cat’s safety or just curious about what they get up to when they’re not at home, a cat…
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Why does my cat chase their tail?
Does your cat chase his own tail? Here's our advice on why your cat chases their own tail, and what a cat chasing its…
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Why does my cat push things onto the floor?
Do you often wonder why your cat seems to have a habit of pushing everything onto the floor? Here's why your cat likes…
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How to clean your cat’s litter tray
The majority of cat owners will have a litter tray for their cat's daily use, but how do we ensure it's kept clean?…
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Why does my cat keep sneezing?
Is your cat sneezing more often than usual? Find out why your cat's sneezes may have increased.
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Why do cats have rough tongues?
Have you ever wondered why it feels like sandpaper when your cat licks you? Find out more about why cats have rough…
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Do cats like to be kissed?
Do you ever give your cat a big kiss and wonder 'does he actually like it?' Find out more about whether you cat…
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