Why do cats like cardboard boxes?


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How many of you can relate to this? There are lots of reasons why cats appear to love cardboard boxes.

The main one is that it is an instinctual behaviour for cats to seek out confined spaces. In the wild, cats get security from confined spaces as they allow the cat to hide from predators.

These enclosed spaces also provide an excellent vantage point for the cat to stalk prey. A carboard box provides an excellent hiding place for your cat and offers a safe zone where he can observe and not be seen, meaning that nobody can sneak up from behind, or from the sides.

Any predators, other household pets, and even humans will have to come to the front of the box directly in the cat’s field of vision — this leaves no element of surprise to the cat!

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Another reason why cats love cardboard boxes is because they love the warmth. A cat’s normal body temperature can range from 100.5-102.5°F (38-39°C), which means they are most comfortable in settings between 86-97°F (30-36°C). However, the average temperature of a human’s household is 72°F (22°C), and therefore a cat might seek out a cardboard box as it is a great insulator. Furthermore, because the space is relatively small and compact, it encourages a cat to curl up and relax. If you see your cat in a cardboard box it may well mean that he’s telling you to turn the heating up!

Finally, cardboard boxes are just good fun. They are the perfect texture for the cat to scratch and bite, which not only provides hours of entertainment, but it might also save your furniture!

Cats are also naturally curious, and an old cardboard box can make an entertaining and fun toy that can keep the cat entertained for days.