What is the difference between kitten food and adult food?


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Here, we take a look at what the difference is between the ingredients in kitten food and adult cat food.

Cats and kittens need specific nutrients — namely protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals — and there are many ingredients that can provide these: meat, fish, and plant-based foods.

Kittens differ from adults in that they have a higher protein requirement and different calcium and phosphorus levels to an adult, so they can grow strong bones. Kittens are also poor at digesting carbohydrates, unlike adult cats. Kittens also need to take in more calories per kilogram of bodyweight and this gradually reduces as they reach adulthood.

Youngsters also need a fatty acid called DHA, which is vital for brain development and retinal function.

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The most important thing for a cat of any age is to feed a complete and balanced diet, and to keep them at an ideal weight.