Grooming a Persian


Persians need careful grooming, Anita Kelsey advises a reader on the best way to groom her Persian cat.

Q: I am considering buying or adopting a Persian kitten and I’ve read that they require a lot of grooming. What is the best way to groom a Persian or Chinchilla?

Audrey Yates

A: Anita says: Chinchillas or Persians are long-haired cats that need regular grooming to keep their coats matt free. You need two simple tools: a cat moulting comb and a soft pin slicker brush. 

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Ensure your kitten gets used to being touched gently with the tools combined with receiving treats so that they relate the tools to a positive experience. It’s difficult to explain the correct combing techniques via this reply which is why I strongly suggest you invest in a book called ‘Grooming Longhaired Cats: Basic Cat Grooming’ by Svetlana Broussova. The book is full of step-by-step photos of how to comb your cat, as well as a DVD showing the correct handling and combing techniques. You will then have the very best start to your kitten’s grooming experience to ensure you do not face any issues around grooming in the future.