Which foods are toxic and dangerous to cats?


There are several foods and chemicals that are very dangerous to cats and must be kept out of their reach.


Owners should keep human dairy treats, such as cheese boards and glasses of milk for Santa, locked away or well out of reach.

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Chocolate is poisonous to cats, even in the smallest of doses, and if consumed can cause seizures, heart problems, and kidney failure.

Onions and garlic

Whether cooked or raw, the onion family can leave your cat with an upset stomach so keep it away from your cat.


As little as a tablespoon of alcohol can lead to serious health problems for cats, including liver and brain damage, so it is vital to keep drinks sealed and safely stored away during the festivities.


Ethylene glycol, otherwise known as antifreeze, is a chemical commonly used during the winter to prevent freezing and is frequently used in car radiators, screen washes, and de-icers, as well as in garden water features to stop them freezing over. It’s very dangerous for cats and even entices them with its sweet smell. Leaving antifreeze where cats can get to it not only puts your pets at risk but also any strays or roaming cats in the area. Owners should be aware of any signs that their cat may have come into contact with antifreeze and take them to the vet’s immediately. Symptoms include vomiting, increased thirst, appearing sleepy or disorientated, frequent toilet trips, faster breathing rate, and seizures.