The right time to put a cat to sleep

Putting a cat to sleep is an incredibly hard decision. When is the right time to euthanise, and what happens when you put a cat to sleep?

Why do cats go away to die?

Why do cats go away to die? Many cats will take themselves away to die, find out why cats do this.

Is it possible to love a cat again after losing one?

Are you think about getting a new cat after losing one? It can sometimes feel wrong after losing another, but is it possible to work through the grief and learn to love another cat?

What is sudden feline death?

Sudden feline death can occur in cats for a number of reasons, including cardiomyopathy. Find out more about what sudden feline death is.

How to cope with the death of a cat

Are you struggling to cope with the death of a cat? Here's some heart-felt advice on how you can come to terms with the death of your cat.

How can I remember my cat?

Losing your cat is a terrible experience, but there are many ways to remember your cat. Here, we have advice about deciding on your cat's final resting place, pet cremations, and sentimental ways of remembering your cat.