How can I help my cat cope with the cold?


A reader asks how to help her cat cope during the colder winter months - Aga Zoltowska advises...

Q) How do I protect my cat during freezing conditions? I am worried that she

will not be warm enough and I am not always at home to let her indoors.


Darren Paul


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AGA SAYS: It is a great idea to think about providing a shelter for your cat in case of freezing conditions. Cats are usually very resourceful and able to find a warm place to hide, but at times, the place that they hide in is inside a car, near the car’s engine. There are unfortunately multiple reports of cats becoming injured due to becoming stuck next to the running engine.


Would you be able to install a cat flap so your cat can get back inside? Some owners worry about an invasion  from another cat if there is a flap installed. Therefore, I would recommend purchasing an identichip activated cat flap system. It will allow only your cat to go through the flap. Another (or an additional) option would be making a little shelter where your cat could hide and keep warm before they can be back in the house. There are multiple tutorials online which guide you through making an outdoor shelter for a cat. They are easy to follow and would make a good option if you cannot use a cat flap.