Turkish Van Cat breed information Breed Profile

Turkish Van Cat breed information Breed Profile

Turkish Van Cat breed information and advice. The Turkish Van is known to love water - so put the toilet seat down!


While you may be happy for them to swim in your bath, drink from your taps and even join you in the shower, you won't want them fishing around in your loo. Not all Turkish Vans share a love of water but most will happily ignore rain, thanks to their fairly water-resistant coat, and some have even been spotted in swimming pools as well as the sea. However, much like many of us, they won't take a dip unless the temperature is pretty warm!

Turkish Van cats are also very active, so when they're not splashing around in their water bowls, you'll find them chasing, playing, retrieving and climbing. Their love of heights and strong hind legs can often take them to the highest point of the room, whether that be the top of a door, kitchen unit or wardrobe. As well as having absolutely no consideration for your ornaments, curtains or plants, the Turkish Van also has very little respect for his stunning white coat. He won't think twice about coming in, if allowed outdoors, covered in debris!

Nevertheless, the Turkish Van more than makes up for his naughty points, with head butts and love bites common tokens of affection. Turkish Van cats will also follow you around like a dog and will get on with pretty much everyone, be it child or animal.

This large, muscular, semi longhaired cat breed is known for its distinctive pattern: white with striking markings on the head and tail. The coat is soft and silky, and eyes large and oval. If you like the look of the Turkish Van, you may also like the Turkish Vankedisi cat breed - an all-white variant of the breed.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every cat is an individual.