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Photographing your feline friend

09 October 2014

Go on admit it - your cats are the most photographed thing in your life! Expert Dan Waters has created a masterclass with some simple tricks to enable you to get the most out of your compact camera.Cameras can be quite complicated, but in truth most poor photos are let down by…

Is your cat happy at home?

08 October 2014

Did you know that giving your cat enough stimulation to ensure his natural?instincts are satisfied can not only help prevent behavioural and associated health problems, such as feline lower urinary tract disease, but it's also the law?

Top tips to keep your cat calm during fireworks season

03 October 2014

Loud noises can panic even the most sedate of cats, so follow these tips for a stress-free fireworks season.?Stay indoorsMake sure your pet is kept inside on bonfire night, securing doors, windows and cat flaps and closing the curtains to help muffle the bangs and flashes. If…

Remember cats in your will

08 September 2014

Paws for thought and leave a legacy to cats this week.This week (September 8 to 12) is Cats Protection's Remember a Charity Week and the charity is urging animal lovers to remember cats in their will.Just two cats who have benefitted from one person leaving a donation to Cats…

Time to say goodbye

03 September 2014

Demand is growing for pet home-hospice care and euthanasia at home, yet only a few vets in the UK provide this specialized service. Melanie Whitehouse investigates.When the end finally came for Kruger, a smoky tortoiseshell rescue cat, her owners had no doubt who to turn to.…

Can you give this OAP a loving home?

11 November 2013

The Scottish SPCA is seeking a special retirement home for this Old Age Pussycat who suffering from two medical conditions.Staff at the charity's Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Petterden are desperate to find 17-year-old Tommo the loving owner he…