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How is pet food made?

03 June 2015

Ever wondered how pet food is made, and regulated? Click the picture below to find out!?

Could your cat be a life saver?

28 May 2015

Calder Vets - which has branches across West Yorkshire - is compiling an innovative feline blood donor register to help save the lives of cats who are seriously ill or have suffered a major accident.Feline blood, unlike blood from humans or dogs, cannot be stored and finding a…

How to MOT your cat

07 May 2015

Take the time to give your cat a thorough health check, both at home and at the vets, says Dr Bradley Viner.I hesitate to use the analogy of car MOTs to check whether a cat is 'road-worthy', since the last thing we want is for our cats to feel free to dance around on the…

Cats' playtime for the future?

01 May 2015

You could soon be able to play with your pets at home from anywhere on the web as a popular online pet play system previously available only to US animal shelters will be made available to home users via Kickstarter.The popular iPet Companion is a web-based remote play system…