Five reasons why Natusan is a smarter cat litter option


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04 August 2022
With dozens of cat litter options available it can be a challenge for pet parents to know the right choice for their cat. But there are smarter options for your cat that address waste and odour concerns, like wood-based clumping cat litter—a better option for your cat, the planet, and your pocket.

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Natusan’s tight-clumping and easy-to-scoop removal means switching to natural cat litter can reduce how much litter you use by up to 65% when switching from a non-clumping litter, saving up to £120 a year!* And that’s without even mentioning the positive environmental implications of cutting down on so much waste! 

Whilst it may initially seem to be a more expensive option, most natural clumping cat litters, such as Natusan, last much longer on average, meaning one bag goes a long way. Less litter used, same amount absorbed.

Besides the savings, there are plenty of other reasons why natural clumping litter is a smarter choice:

100% natural and biodegradable

Natusan is made from 100% PEFC-certified recycled wood materials, a by-product of the timber industry, meaning no additional trees are felled in the making.

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Kinder to the planet

Litters made of natural materials (for example, wood, wheat or corn) usually don't include materials harmful for pets and people such as silica dust, which can be found in clay litter. Clay litter is also strip-mined, which has a negative impact on the environment, destroying landscapes and wildlife habitats.

Cut down on waste

If you’re currently using non-clumping litter that needs daily or weekly tray changes, that’s an awful lot of litter to be getting through every month. With wood-based clumping cat litter you can reduce tray changes to just once a month. Natural tight clumping litter really does mean big savings in both your time and the amount of litter used.

Great at trapping odours

With clumping litter, odour is trapped inside the clumps, whereas non-clumping litters struggle to contain the smells. Using Natusan litter can help reduce that lingering odour as it clumps as soon as it comes into contact with any liquid.

For the pet parents who want to feel like they’re making the smart choice for their pets, a natural clumping cat litter, such as Natusan, is the way to go. 

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At Natusan we run all kinds of tests and research to determine just how absorbent, odour-trapping and long lasting our cat litter is, but our TrustPilot reviews say it best:

*In comparison to non-clumping premium litters. See more details at