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What it’s really like... running a cattery!
We go behind the scenes to find out if running a cattery is the dream job for cat lovers.
James Bowen
The incredible story of Street Cat Bob and James is loved by fans worldwide. In a new monthly column, James tells about…
Your Cat Product Awards 2022
Our readers have had their say and we can now reveal the winners of the Your Cat Product Awards 2022.
“My cat gave blood — AND SAVED another cat’s life”
Humans can regularly give blood and save many lives in the process, but did you know that cats can also be life-saving…
Short story: Luna's song
A Christmas Eve story by Hilary Orme.
Awesome Gift Ideas For Pet New Fur Parents (And Their Fur Babies)
Do you know a furry companion that was a particularly good boy or girl this year? Everyone needs some sprinkle toys,…